And it features our BOD Chairman, Jeff Reese!

Image Courtesy City Weekly and Rudy Van Bree

Image Courtesy City Weekly and Rudy Van Bree

By day, Jeff Reese is lead systems developer for City Weekly‘s sister companies, Avenews Software and Kostizi. But outside of the office, he is Ranger Thermyte, chairman of the Element 11, Utah’s regional Burning Man festival, scheduled this year July 9-12 at Stargazer Ranch in Box Elder County. The event attracts determined revelers of all stripes each year—but how can you tell if you belong there? Do you have to be an artistic exhibitionist? Reese says no, because, “everyone is a Burner! One of our most important principles is ‘radical inclusion.’ We are all about creative expression, having fun—and doing it responsibly. If you like learning new things and stretching your creative muscles, you will fit right in.” To learn more about the festival, visit, and check out what Reese had to say in the interview that follows:

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