2017 Theme Art Submissions

It’s once again time to open our Call for Entries for Theme Art!  

Our theme for 2017  is “Orpheum”, named after one of the largest vaudville circuits to spring up in the vaudvillian era, from about 1870 until the invention of the television nearly 60 years later. Ideal submissions will include elements that bring the aesthetics from this most influencial era of stage production and performance culture together into a modern graphics package that resonates with our Element 11 community and culture. All (approriate, looking at you, Topher) submissions will be displayed and put to a community vote held online from Monday, March 13th through Wednesday the 15th. The winning submission will be announced at stART on March 19th, and win 2 tickets to Element 11 2017.

Since this art will need to be used in multiple applications, it needs to either be ready to modify digitally, or recreated manually in at least these 3 different size and layout iterations: Ticket size, laminate badge size, and booklet size. As an example, we’re including this image from one of our submissions for last year from recently retired Board of Directors member, David Born. Additionally, please make sure your design is of print quality resolution, 300 dpi. If you’re still not sure what all of that means, we invite you to reach out either to Element 11, or to ask or collaborate with one of the professional graphics designers you may already know.

Please email your completed submission to art@element11.org no later than midnight, Sunday March 12th 2017. Thank you! We’re excited to see what everyone comes up with!


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