Mutant Vehicles Registration

Otherwise known as Art Cars…

Registration for mutant vehicles to participate in Element 11 will be open April 15, 2018.  If you are interested and would like to register to bring a mutant vehicle or art car, please review the MUTANT VEHICLE POLICIES for details, and fill out the form below to begin the registration process.


Here’s a look at some of the amazing art cars our community has brought to Element 11 in the past.

Vehicle Description
Burn’em and Bailey’s Burn’em and Bailey’s is a shitty, old flat-bed golf cart that we’ve reincarnated into a crazy circus box car with jenk and lights. We can’t wait to cart folks around to the next party!
Chatterbox Chattering teeth wind up toy… giant version built around a golf cart.
Jelly One The Amazing Jellyfish From The Year 12000. Welded steel with two levels. Computer-controlled LED lighting, amplified sound system, DJ booth.
Jelly Roll Jelly Roll is the rambunctious, defiant, all-loving baby of the Jellyfish 12,000 family. Known for going where the other Jellies fear to tread, little Jelly Roll excels at shennaniganry and can always be spotted cavorting with the best at the fest. But this little Jelly always return to his parents in the hopes of bringing good music and funky vibes to the community. There are great spots to curl up and enjoy a fun ride on Jelly Roll. And, as demonstrated last year, Jelly Roll makes a perfect emergency ambulance.Blue and green in the day, at night, this little jellyfish transforms into a shimmering pink party animal. Ready to venture out into the fathoms of the wonderful and have fun with both old and new human friends.
Spider Jelly Welded steel, fabric, LED lighting, sound system. A hybrid of a jellyfish and a spider.
Tbd A surprise animal themed art car!
The Jody Mutant rat bones / golf cart
The Magic Carpet Motorized magic carpet that largely serves as a taxi for people to jump on and off as it cruises. Has been to E11 3 prior times.


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