Theme & Sound Camps


2017 applications will be open 4/20 – 5/21!

As an all inclusive Arts Festival, Element 11 is excited to host Sound Camps and Theme Camps of all kinds! These camps are an interactive core of Element 11. Thank you for your interest in participating and creating this amazing event with us.

The Element 11 BOD is working hard to create a functional, holistic, and harmonious framework for our community that facilitates a culture of creativity and self-expression.

We ask for your assistance and flexibility in helping us achieve these goals for the layout of our community:

  • The creation of an Esplanade lined with theme camps and art that surrounds the effigies.
  • The creation of a functional and active Center Camp that is centrally located in the festival.
  • The creation of a sound camp street that will be located such that sound participation does not interfere with other forms of participation.

To apply for a theme/sound camp, fill out the online application form — the sooner you apply the better chance you have for acceptance! Operating a camp is a big decision that requires hard work and a crew to help. Please make sure that you have the time, energy and resources to operate your camp.

We’re looking forward to quite an assortment of camps for 2017. Plan to stop by one, two, or all of the sound and theme camps to say “Hi”, see what they have to offer,  and make new friends!

By filling this out you are agreeing to the Theme and Sound camp policies!

Your Name

Playa Name

Your Email
You will receive an email invitation sent to this email address at a later time to enter your camp events into a Google calendar.

Phone Number

Camp Name

Camp Type
Theme Camp Sound Camp 

Key Camp Crew Names

Will you need early admission for set-up and/or extended time afterwards for teardown?
Theme/sound camps can come in to start set-up on Tuesday prior to the festival at 10am.
Yes No 

Would you or crew members need to spend the night on Tuesday? If so, how many?

Camp Summary for the What Where When Guide (250 characters max,)

If your camp was a movie, how would it be rated? (required)

Briefly describe any specific location you would like to request and why you need special accommodation. The placement team will do their best to accommodate your needs, but please be as flexible as possible. You may have to modify your plans to fit the space assigned to you.

Space Requirements
Briefly describe how much space you need - in length, width, and height, if applicable. Please include public areas and personal camping areas as separate needs.

Number of People Camping with you

Physical Description of Structures
Briefly describe the rough dimensions (L x W x H) and construction materials of your public structure(s).

Describe the safeguards you have in place to combat potential malfunctions and operator errors. For example: How do you plan to protect the public from the camp? How do you plan to protect the camp from the public? Is the camp dangerous? Is there anything that can combust? Anything that could cause injury(ies) and/or damage? Do you need fire extinguishers? Is this a camp suitable for children or is it adult only content?

Leave No Trace Plan
Element 11 is a Leave No Trace event. Please detail a plan for removing all Matter Out of Place, MOOP, during and after the event. EPW will be completing an exit MOOP sweep prior to your camp leaving the festival; they will coordinate this with you during the festival.

Are your camp materials suitable for the outdoors? Have you considered the effect of public interaction, sun, high winds and precipitation to your camp?
Yes No 

Will your camp have a sound system that requires power?
Yes No 

If yes, what is the wattage of your sound system?

If yes, what hours do you intend on having sound? (check all that apply)
 During the day Sunset-Midnight Midnight-2am 2am-4am 4am-Sunrise

Do you agree to abide by and manage the "Don't be a dick" Sound policy for your entire camp?
Sound Policy

 Yes No

If yes, how do you plan to contain the sound to the immediate vicinity of your camp? How far away would you expect others to hear your sound? How isolated do you need to be from other sound?

If yes, there is a limited capacity for large scale sound systems at the event. If you are selected as one of the systems, are you willing to allow others to use your sound system?
Yes No NA 

If your camp intends to bring fire, we suggest propane over open fire due to potential fire bans. Your camp will also require on-site approval before being lit. All fire must be extinguished at the request of any Ranger or Safety Personnel. Fire can NEVER be left unattended. Does your camp intend to bring fire?
Yes No 

Describe any fuel, gasoline, white gas, propane, or other hazardous/flammable material you plan to have. This must include how much you intent to bring as well as your storage and safety plans for these materials.

Fire Responsibilities
If you plan to bring a burn barrel, it must conform to the Burning Man guidelines as specified on their website. You must have a 5 gallon bucket of water next to each barrel. Bring your own water and wood. Burn barrels are subject to fire bans and must be extinguished at the request of any Ranger or Safety Personnel. Lit burn barrels can NEVER be left unattended. Will you have a burn barrel?

Yes No 

If yes, how many?

Food Service
If you want to serve food to people other than your camp mates, you must have a valid Food Handlers' Permit, available in-person or online (fees apply) - see ( Will you be serving food to people other than your camp mates?
Yes No 

Alcoholic Beverages
Will you be sharing alcoholic drinks with guests? Wristbands must be checked to ensure you are not sharing with minors (participants aged 0 - 20 will have different colored wristbands).
Yes No 

Art Car/Mutant Vehicle
Does your camp have an art car or mutant vehicle it will be bringing to E11? If yes, be sure to register your mutant vehicle.
Yes No 

If yes, tell us about your art car(s) - name, dimensions for parking, access needed, etc so that we can allocate appropriate space.

Center Camp Interest
For our Center Camp planning purposes, we are interested in knowing if your theme/sound camp would be interested in hosting an event at Center Camp (either during the day or night)?
Yes No 

If yes, briefly describe the event you're interested in hosting at Center Camp - what, when, how long, etc.

Greeter Shift Interest
Would your theme/sound camp be interested in staffing a greeter shift at the gate? If yes, please specify which Date/Time would be preferred.

Volunteer Appreciation Pub Crawl Interest
Would your theme/sound camp be interested in participating in the Volunteer Appreciation Pub Crawl? Our idea is that the party will spend about 30 minutes or so at each participating camp before moving on to the next. If your camp is interested, we'll provide some mixers for the event.
Yes No 

10 Principles Education Passport
Which one of the 10 principles would your theme/sound camp be interested in educating festival goers on? We started this program last year and had several camps participate. This year, the plan is to continue to grow and have fun with this educational idea. Please specify which Principle your camp wishes to take and ideas you have to educate participants. Camps will be highlighted in the What Where When guide to increase awareness. You will be given a stamp to use for the passport game. Get all 10 principles stamped and win!

Make any comments or other special considerations for your camp that haven't already been covered.
Please remember: this is NOT where to list all your events. Events will be entered into a Google calendar. You will receive an invitation to add your events to the calendar at a later date.

Almost done! If you'd like, please print a copy of this form for your records BEFORE hitting the "Submit" button.

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