2018 Theme Submission

It is time for you to submit your Theme suggestions for Element 11, 2018! It sets the mood, builds our anticipation, creates a stage for the art. Every year we wipe our desert canvas clean, leaving only a frame on which all of us paint, record, live and then leave empty. So much pivots around a simple idea…what is yours? What will it become? How will it grow and be remembered?

There is only one way to discover that answer…

Please complete the form below, completely.


  • We will take these as seriously as you do
  • Please look at previous year’s Themes…we’re looking for new ideas
  • Describe your Theme!
  • And, please…”Renewal”, “Rebirth”, etc…really?

Theme submissions are now closed. Thank you for your Submission!

Previous Element 11 Themes

  • 2017: Orpheum
  • 2016: Jackalope Rodeo
  • 2015: Under the Stars
  • 2014: Into the Wild!
  • 2013: Labyrinth
  • 2012: Ascension
  • 2011: Year 10 – All or Nothing
  • 2010: BizarrE BAzzar
  • 2009: Transformation
  • 2008: Eclectic
  • 2007: The Emerald City
  • 2006: The Wasteland
  • 2005: NeverLand
  • 2004: CandyLand
  • 2003: Alice’s Adventures in Scuba Land

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