2020 Leadership Nominations

Nominations are now open for Element 11 leadership!
We are pleased to announce a change in Element 11 organizational structure. In this new structure, The Board of Directors will be shrinking, all positions this year will remain filled by existing members. The Board will be focused on the administration of the event, but this opens up the operation of the event up to a new tier of community leadership – The Cabinet. Cabinet positions are analogous to first-year Board positions under the old structure and will be the primary recruitment pool for The Board of Directors as positions open up in the future. Joining the Cabinet is a year-round commitment, and Cabinet Members will earn 2 volunteer tickets for Cabinet-level positions are responsible for the operation of vital Element 11 Departments. Cabinet members will set budgets for their departments, serve on committees related to their area of focus, and recruit for and design the organizational framework under their level of leadership. Ideal applicants are self-starters, possess an attention to detail and professional abilities in the area they wish to volunteer, and are regular participants within our community and event.

The following open positions are vital

  • Dangerous Arts – setting and ensuring adherence to Element 11 policy regarding art and performance that includes fire.
  • Theme Camp Coordinator – Gathering Theme Camp applications and coordinating Theme Camp Placement inside the Element 11 City
  • Ballyhoo – Head of the Element 11 Communications and Marketing department.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Head of the on-site volunteer organization of all Element 11 events.
  • Gate Coordinator – Overseer of all controlled entry into Element 11 events.
  • Center Camp Producer – Plans and executes all aspects of the production of Element 11 Center Camp

In addition, this new structure provides for unlimited other positions not specified here. If you are passionate about creating a program or donating a skill to benefit the Element Community over the long-term, we want to hear about it. If you are interested in joining the Element 11 organization in any of these official capacities, please nominate yourself in an email to bod@element11.org with NOMINATION: (your name) in the subject line. Tell us who you are, and where and why you’d like to help, and include any pertinent information about your qualifications in the area. Request nominations from community members on your behalf, as we require at least two nominations to conduct an interview. Element 11 will accept nominations until October 31st, and interviews will be held during the month of November.