2020 Theme Art Submissions

It’s once again time to open our Call for Entries for Theme Art!

Our theme for 2020  is “Hindsight 2020”. Please spend some time considering the variety of interpretations that can be found, explored and applied to this year’s event. For a proverbial download on the theme’s origin and artistic inspiration, please read this. Ideal submissions will include elements that bring thematic aesthetics and interpretive expression together into a modern graphics package that resonates with our Element 11 community and culture. All appropriate submissions will be displayed and put to a community vote held online in early March 2020.  The winning submission will win 2 tickets to Element 11 2020!

Since this art will need to be used in multiple applications, it needs to either be ready to modify digitally, or recreated manually in at least these 3 different size and layout iterations: Ticket (666 x 1764 px), laminate badge (888 x 1317 px), and booklet size (3337 x 6000 px). 

Please see this provided example submission. Additionally, this year we are requiring the winning submission to have a maximum of 3 colors in your main design elements. Note the composition of the 3 color astronaut who exists in a design with many other colors in our example, designed by Laurie Rader. This will help us screen print your design without a ton of alterations, but also allow you to create a full-color design.

Please make sure your design is of print quality resolution, 300 dpi.  If you’re still not sure what all of that means, we invite you to reach out either through email: info@element11.org, or to ask/collaborate with one of the professional graphic designers you may already know.

Please email your completed submission to art@element11.org no later than midnight, Sunday February 16th 2020. Thank you! We’re excited to see what everyone comes up with!