In 2012 our community registered with the IRS and formed a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Part of this process was to create a functional Board of Directors. Our community would not be where it is today without the numerous hours of leadership time volunteered by our Board of Directors. Their contribution is invaluable.

At the end of 2013, we reorganized the responsibilities of the BOD into committees with each BOD member serving as a committee director. Below is information about each committee, its responsibilities, and associated departments. The committees will consist of volunteers just like you! If you are interested in participating on a committee or want more information, just let us know.


Current Board of Directors 2019


Alan Killingsworth

Chair / Executive Director

Responsibilities of Chair: Visionary role. BOD leadership and direction. Primary BOD contact working with Regional Contacts and Burning Man. Presides over regularly scheduled BOD meetings. Negotiates festival venue contract. Leads the Executive Committee. Works to ensure BOD harmony. Updates and ensures all BOD members are aware of festival BODOD shift

responsibilities. Sits as a member of the Finance Committee and Marketing Department. Sets and adheres to Executive Budget.

Responsibilities of Executive Committee: Ensure the perpetual functionality of the E11 BOD and all functions of E11, Inc.

Members of Executive Committee: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Operations Manager.


Director of Technology

Responsibilities: Manages website maintenance/upgrades, search engine optimization, and content publication. Ensures festival internet access for Emergency Services. Sets-up festival VOIP Phone for Emergency Services.


Matt Vagabond

Vice Chair

Responsibilities of Vice Chair: Sits as a member of the Executive Committee. Works with the BOD Chair to further develop the vision of Element 11. Additionally, the Vice-Chair is the Director of one of the BOD Committees listed on the following pages.



Callie Voss

General Manager

Responsibilities: Oversees all operational aspects of E11, Inc. Oversees creating and updating all BOD and festival policies/procedures, the master operations plan, and organizational structure. Ensures business contracts and insurance coverage are in place as needed. Oversees the Salt Shaker newsletter. Handles any festival licensing or permitting applications. Coordinates festival BODOD shifts. Sits as a member of the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and Marketing Department. Sets and adheres to the General Manager budget.

to Corporate Records Budget.


Felix DeSiena


Responsibilities: Performs the financial functions of E11, Inc., including but not limited to the preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports. Works with accountant for preparation of annual tax filings. Completes and files monthly sales tax reimbursement report. Receives and manages donation money and records. Leads the development of the annual budget. Reviews, updates, and adheres to the Finance Policy. Sits as a member of the Executive Committee. Sets and adheres to Committee Budget.

Members of Finance Committee: Chair, Finance Director, General Manager, and a bank account signer (BOD member only).


Rachel Hamilton (Ranger Ratchet)

Secretary / Corporate Records


Responsibilities: Archives BOD records. Takes minutes at all BOD meetings and Town Halls. Sends out meeting announcements.

Distributes copies of agenda and minutes to each BOD member. Ensures all corporate records are maintained. Maintains corporate history. Sits as a member of the Executive Committee. Manages the Grant Writing Department including volunteer leads, if any. Sets and adheres to Corporate Records Budget.


Chase Reed

Ballyhoo Captain


Phillip Oleson

BOD Dangerous Arts Director

Responsibilities: Educates community about fire safety. Develops/updates departmental policies. Oversees all effigy burn activities including fueling and liaising with the artists. Orchestrates fire performer wristband program with the Fire Tribe. Coordinates effigy placement. Manages Engine 11 (festival volunteer fire response team). Sets and adheres to Committee Budget.

Members of Dangerous Arts Committee: Any BOD and/or volunteer.

Engine 11 Fire Department

Responsibilities: Ensures fire safety during effigy burns.


Cami Chatterton

Volunteer Coordinator/Community Development

Volunteer Department:

Responsibilities: Ensures Element 11’s volunteers are supported and that all participants can find information needed to sign up for volunteer shifts both before and during WBTC & E11. Recruits volunteers for all E11 events. Ensures all aspects of Volunteer Day are planned and permitted in advance and executed timely. Coordinates with Volunteer Appreciation program. Manages the Volunteer Recruitment, Volunteer Lounge, Angels and Community Outreach Departments. Assists Directors in recruiting volunteers for day lead roles.

Volunteer Lounge Department Responsibilities: Organizes and manages Volunteer Lounge for WBTC and E11 Festival. Volunteer lead(s) required.

Burning Angels Department

Responsibilities: Supports volunteers with good cheer, care, and refreshments at Element 11 events. Volunteer lead required.

Community Development Department:

Responsibilities: Champions burner ethos & culture, the 10 Principles, and the Element 11 cause. Organizes quarterly activities within the community focused on building community, learning about burner culture, and building/strengthening friendships. Focuses on activities that allow new and current community members to engage with our community year-around rather than just at the Element 11 event. Encourages community members to get involved with community by volunteering and directs community members to volunteer opportunities. Responsible for hosting the Volunteer Appreciation Party. Sets and adheres to Committee Budget.

Members of Community Development Committee: Any BOD and/or volunteer.


Joe Russo

Rangers and Event Safety

EPW Liaison

Responsibilities: Ensures E11 conducts safe, legal events. Ensures appropriate ranger, and security support is provided at all E11 events. Primary contact for hired security and perimeter at events. Law enforcement officer (LEO) liaison. Ranger liaison. Coordinate festival Safety during Burns with Engine 11 Department. Recruits and manages departmental lead volunteers. Sets and adheres to Committee Budget. Works with EPW Lead (Justin Hogue) on festival survey, layout, and infrastructure including signs and public area lighting. Manages porta-potties, clean-up and restoration. Recruits other leads and manages volunteers for EPW crews. Maintains E11 radios.


Crystal Miller

Medical and Sanctuary

Responsibilities: Ensures E11 conducts safe, legal events. Ensures appropriate medical, and Sanctuary support is provided at all E11 events. Primary contact for EMS and medical situations. Sanctuary liaison. Manages departmental recruitment policies. Recruits and manages departmental lead volunteers. Sets and adheres to Committee Budget.

Medical Department: Provides medical support during Element 11 events. Ensures participant safety and well being. Liason for EMS personnel.

Sanctuary Department: Provides psychological support during Element 11 events. Ensures participant safety and well being in a mental capacity. Provides a safe space for processing difficult situations and harm reduction.

Members of Medical/Sanctuary Committees: Any BOD and/or volunteer. Volunteer leads required: Medical Leads, and Sanctuary Leads.

Congratulations to this years newly-elected Board Members!

Jordan Lenaburg

Jordan Lenaburg (Ranger Felix)

Gate, Box Office, and Ice Sales

Responsibilities: Manages the Gate, Box Office, and Ice Sales Departments. Coordinates with Box Office at events. Organizes logistics for each quarterly Town Hall event. Recruits and manages volunteers for departmental lead roles. Sets and adheres to Committee Budget.

Gate Department

Responsibilities: Oversees all aspects of gate, provides training for gate staff. Day leads required.

Ice Sales Department

Responsibilities: Coordinates advance ice sales and ice sales and distribution at the Element 11 event. Day lead(s) required.


Rebekah Myers

Rebekah Myers

Center Camp & Info Booth

Sean Plant

Sean Plant

Artistic Director

Responsibilities: Provides direction and support to the art and artists of the Element 11 Festival and the community. Sits as a member of the Art Grants and Marketing Departments. Ensures all aspects of Precompression are planned and permitted in advance and executed timely. Works with the Creative Director and EPW for art placement. Liaises with effigy builders. Manages the Center Camp and EMV Departments. Recruits and manages volunteers for departmental lead roles. Sets and adheres to Committee Budget.

Art Grants Department

Responsibilities: Recruits Art Grants Department members from BOD and within the community. Manages the art grant process for both festival and community art grants, including application and selection process, and artist management during project development.

Elemental Mutant Vehicle (EMV) Department

Responsibilities: Oversees mutant vehicles at all E11 events including registration and check-in for E11 Festival.

Pre-Burn Show Department

Responsibilities: Coordinates between the fire conclave shin and other performance groups to create the E11 Festival pre-burn show. Organizes stage/performance area, lighting, and sound. Oversees stage management of pre-burn show.  Volunteer lead required: Stage Manager.


Andiana Jones

Theme Camps

Responsibilities: Encourages year-around community involvement through theme camps and other events. Ensures and helps organize theme camp involvement in community events. Organizes and regulates theme and sound camps. Organizes logistics for each quarterly Town Hall event. Responsible for organizing Leave No Trace (MOOP) squads during event. Helps ensure theme camps are not leaving a trace and coordinates with EPW on Post Event MOOP sweep and map. Liaises between camps and BOD. Oversees camp registration process. Works with EPW for festival camp placement. Manages the Greeters Department. Recruits and manages volunteers for departmental lead roles. Sets and adheres to Committee Budget.

Theme Camp Department

Responsibilities: Organizes, regulates, and liaises theme camps. Works with EPW for festival camp placement. Gathers and organizes Theme Camp activities for the WWW guide.


Thanks to our past Board Members

Wynn John (Ranger Rollover)

Olga Nikishin

Daren Sabin (Ranger Latchkey)

Beth Johansen

Cassie Plant (Ranger Spirit)
Stan Clawson
Martian Glassner
Sara Tiger
Michelle Davis (Ranger Lushus)
Kari Larson (Ranger Kar-Bear)
David Born
Joe Russo (Ranger Discovery)
J. Wilford Neville (Ranger Genius)
Jeff Reese RC (Ranger Thermyte)
Cathi Kennedy (Ranger Penni Lane)
JP Bernier (Ranger 8Ball)
CL Turner (Ranger Queen-Tut)
Allen Hovey (Ranger Pound Cake)
Mickey Baker (Ranger Cedar)
Diana Brier
Wendy Christensen
Dave Church
Chris Cline
Stevo Le Diable
Derek Dyer
Kameron Hammond
Del Hargis
Aspen Moon
Suzanne Oleson (Ranger Bettie Boop)
Anne Simmons Russo (Ranger QuickDraw)
Alice Toler
John Ward