2018 BOD Nominations

Nominations are closed for this year. 

Can we offer fame and fortune? Well, no, but how does the appreciation of your community and a healthy sense of achievement sound? Or do you know someone who would be awesome to join the BOD? Please read below and then nominate them!


BOD Nomination process

Here is the process to nominate someone for a BOD position:

  • Talk to the person you want to nominate and ask them if they’re interested in serving on the Element 11 BOD.
  • If the individual is interested, submit your nomination using the form below.
  • In your nomination you must include 3 things: name of the individual, contact information (phone number and email of the individual), & specific reasons why you’re nominating that person for consideration.
  • Any individual with at least 2 nominations will be contacted to schedule a pre-screening conference call.
  • All nominees will be required to complete Nominee Questionnaire outlining their plans and vision related to their involvement with the BOD.
  • Nominees will interview with the BOD sometime in early November.
  • Elections will be held and will be released to the public at the 4th Quarter Town Hall.

You can view the LETTER OF COMMITMENT that each board member signs when they are elected.

View the current BOD and breakdown of departments