The Salt Lake Tribune, July 14, 2013, “Element 11: Set to burn freely at Utah’s regional Burning Man”
Music pervades every part of the makeshift community of about 1,200 that filled the festival grounds at Bonneville Seabase 5 miles south of Grantsville. The buildings in the open center circle are set to burn. Three 30-foot-high wood buildings cast shadows on the salty sand, and people are painting and hanging artwork in the shade of their camps. ‘Welcome home,’ the greeters say, whether it’s your first or 15th time at Element 11, a four-day event that ends Sunday. RVs, buses, cars and trucks rumble onto the desert site and stake claim tight with their neighbors. There are no rules here. People dance down rocky streets. Many are in bright and scanty costumes. Monkey chants battle electronic music. These, too, aren’t the observations that are important to note. It’s not a gathering of debauched crazies. The main goal isn’t to make a point or rally behind a cause. They’re celebrating the idea that when unbounded by restrictions, people can do extraordinary things…”

Mountain Views, Park City TV, July 2, 2013, “Let’s talk more about one of the fantastic events taking place here this summer – Element 11”
Ranger Genius, Kari Larson & Vivianne Sanchez talk with Mountain Views host, Terry Burden, about the upcoming Element 11 Festival (July 11-14, 2013) on Park City TV.

Mountain Views, Park City TV, June 18, 2013, “An Event called Element 11”
Ranger Genius & Kari Larson talk with Mountain Views host, Terry Burden, about the upcoming Element 11 Festival (July 11-14, 2013) on Park City TV.

City Weekly, June 5, 2013, “Element 11: Art, play & love for Burners and non-Burners”
“We run our festivals on the 10 Burning Man principles. One of them is inclusiveness. Everyone is really friendly, and everyone seems to be on vacation. You can really let go and have fun and let your guard down. We’re radically expressive and extremely loving…”

The Salt Lake Tribune, July 13, 2012, “Element 11, Utah’s Burning Man, Brings a Colorful Element”
Utah’s answer to Burning Man — the annual Labor Day self-expression festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert — is called Element 11, and it’s drawing hundreds this weekend outside Grantsville. The annual bash is based on the same 10 principles that guide Burning Man. The high point of the festival occurs Saturday night with the torching of a 30-foot effigy designed as a Buddha sitting atop a giant double helix. “Ascension” is the theme, organizers say. And burning the effigy is symbolic of setting personal spirits free…”

The Catalyst Magazine, June 29, 2012, “In Their Element”
There’s something quite extraordinary happening this month out on the salt flats in Grantsville. A festival, produced entirely by unpaid volunteers, is springing up among the pools at Bonneville Sea­base, Utah’s unique landlocked saltwater SCUBA location. Engineers and carpenters have been building fantastic wooden effigies that will be celebrated and then ceremonially burned over the four-day event in mid-July. An army of around 300 volunteers will build, staff, and maintain an extensive infrastructure over an area of some 35 acres. There will be temporary streets with signs and addresses, lampposts to light the night darkness, rangers to keep the peace, and an Emergency Medical Services tent. There will be a kitchen serving up food to hungry campers, and any number of bars ready with libations for those of age. Attendees have been sewing costumes, choreographing performances, creating art, and organizing their camps in preparation for this event for months now. For four nights, a community will come together in celebration, and then it will disappear for another year, leaving no trace of its existence. This is Element 11, Utah’s regional arm of the Burning Man culture…”

City Weekly, June 10, 2010, “Element 11: Utah’s Burning Man”
Driven by creative impulses, a number of free-wheeling Utahns head for the salty, expansive sand flats west of Salt Lake City each year for a weekend of artistry and community at Element 11—Utah’s only Burning Man-sanctioned “burn” event. “Back then, the event was held outside of Lucin, Utah, at Nancy Holt’s art installation Sun Tunnels, with about 40 to 50 people,” Willis said. Soon it grew too large and moved in 2002 to Bonneville SeaBase, a multi-use 20-acre desert plot outside of Grantsville. Recently, attendance has averaged 700 people, peaking at 900 in 2008, making it one of the largest regional burns, proving the Utah “burner” community is stronger than ever, says Willis. Co-director Eldon Willis says Element 11 took root in the late ’90s…”

City Weekly, June 9, 2012, “Element 11”
For those of you who like all the principals and excitement of the Burning Man Festival, but hate the drive to the middle of nowhere in Nevada, fear not! We have our own in the west desert. Element 11 takes the creatively artistic aspects of our locale, meshes them with the communal values as well as radical self-responsibility of the major festival to the west, and encourages participation on all levels for an entertaining and enlightening weekend. Starting tomorrow for four straight days the impromptu community will have several displays and showcases for wouldbe campers and visitors to take part in, all in hopes of promoting creative expression and celebrating our unique cultural diversity…”

Tooele Transcript Bulletin, July 3, 2008, “Seabase Hosts Ninth-Annual Utah Regional Burning Man Festival”
Element 11 — Utah’s official regional Burning Man festival — attracted a crowd of about 500 people from Friday through Sunday afternoon… The group out at Bonneville Sea Base is the Utah Regional Burning Man group that was created to allow more people to have a Burning Man experience. Element 11’s manifesto states that the group is dedicating Burning Man as an annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance. This year’s festival theme was Eclectic XI, and featured a fashion show and an elephant effigy burn…”