2019 Art Grant Information

Art Grant Applications for Element 11 2019 – “Trip to the Moon” are open until January 13th, 2019
We no longer use a web form for Art Grant applications! The document you create is now fully up to you and will help us present your projects to the grant committee in an unaltered form, the way that you the artist intend them to be read. Here are some guidelines to help you ensure that we get all the information we require to consider your request:
  • Include your name (real and playa name, if applicable), email address, and phone number.
  • If the project is associated with a theme camp, veteran or brand new, please let us know. Also, let us know if you or your group have been awarded Element 11 grants previously.
  • Describe your project. We’ll need the title, the expected finished dimensions, lighting plans, flame effect plans (or other dangerous aspects of the project), or if it includes amplified sound. Tell us what inspires or motivates your idea!
  • Briefly describe your qualifications that pertain to the successful completion of your proposal, and tell us about any volunteer base you have available to help you complete your project.
  • Give us a basic outline of your budget. We don’t need an itemized list but do tell us what you intend to spend awarded funds on. Tell us your fundraising plans, or how you intend to cover any costs not covered by whatever grant funds you are awarded.
  • If your project will generate any MOOP at all, tell us how you plan to manage it during the event, and how you plan to pack it out.
  • Include what your ideal placement at the event is for your project, and whether or not it is ADA accessible.
  • Any projects for effigies or involving burning, non-gas material (wood etc.) MUST submit a grant proposal and be confirmed with Element 11 prior to the start of the event, EVEN IF you do not require any grant money from Element 11. Burnable projects without prior confirmation from Element 11 will not be allowed to burn, no exceptions. It is not a requirement to have previously built burnable art to be considered, only that you have a feasible plan and the resources to be successful.
  • Include photos, renderings or sketches if applicable.
Please submit your proposal or any questions in a PDF format to artgrants@element11.org by January 13th, 2019. Proposals should be about 2000 words or less (brevity is a virtue!). Grant requests are grouped into tiers to illustrate what funding has typically been awarded for different types of projects.  These tiers are as follows: up to $100, up to $500, up to $1000, and up to $2500. Keep in mind that you may not be awarded the full amount of the tier you’re applying for, for example many applications for $1000 receive closer to $800. There will be an additional percentage of our grant budget being held specifically for submissions made by participants under 18 years old, so help your kids get in on it! Projects most eligible for the $2500 tier will be large projects like our main effigy or Temple, $1000 will be projects like Mutant Vehicles and art installations, $500 for performances and smaller projects, and $100 for workshops and presentations. These are not rules, simply guidelines to help you decide which tier your project will likely fall into.  Art Grant funds should not be used to purchase alcohol, or to purchase gift items to be handed out at the event. Element 11 Tickets are not awarded in addition to grant money.
Art Grants should not be used for 100% of a project, but should provide artists and project leads to obtain the startup funds needed to get the ball rolling. We follow the Burning Man model that our grant funds shouldn’t cover more than 60% of the cost of a project. The Element 11 Art Grants Committee takes great care in selecting the awarded projects, and unfortunately not all projects will receive funding, thus we encourage groups to make plans NOW to enlist volunteer support and undertake their own fundraising. Grant recipients will be announced publicly at our stART event in the spring.  Click here for our Art Grant policy.