Element 11 is a community of radically self-expressive artists, creators, innovators, do-ers, & participants who see art in all forms, in all ways, and in all people. We are a unique community, a strong subculture within a very conservative state, a tight-knit family, bound together by love for one another, our community and beyond.

Utah itself is a unique place. Home to one of the wonders of the world, the Great Salt Lake is the 4th largest terminal lake in the world and the largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere. Lake Bonneveille was the precursor of the Great Salt Lake. The shorelines of this ancient lake can be seen on the higher slopes of the Wasatch Mountains, more than 984 feet above the present level of the Great Salt Lake. Its because of the Great Salt Lake that we’re blessed with “The Greatest Snow on Earth”! Just as every single snowflake is unique, so are the people here.

A predominate conservative culture, brought by the Mormons who first settled here, make subcultures in Utah very strong. People are unique! Not everyone wants to conform. Here, for experiences and a culture outside of the “norm”, there is a need for people to unify and make things happen. The Utah burner community does just this by connecting like-minded unique individuals who share a common goal of rising up to the challenge of expressing ourselves, promoting our similar interests and creativity.

The extreme predominate culture actually benefits our community, because it really pulls us together… we are a family. There is an acceptance of idiosyncrasies and an appreciation for how each person adds to the community. Each person plays their own role as innovator, leader, artist, creator, builder, performer, or participant. Some help blaze the trail for things to happen, others show up and support. Whether we’re working together to create art, building an effigy, dancing under the stars, learning about sustainability, marveling in the flames of a burn, or anything else we do together, there is something special about it. Its bonding with new friends, building support structures, and inspiring creativity; things that go beyond an event or a party. This community translates into everyday life.