PreCompression for ARTS!

PreCompression happens late winter/early spring of each year. This event exists in order to inspire and encourage participation in the Element 11 festival and to provide revenues as a fundraiser for MORE art grant monies to be dispersed prior to the festival. We want the artists and their projects to have time and resources to be ready for our Utah playa.

Given those missions, having an afternoon/early evening event at the Utah Arts Alliance is the best fit. This is a family friendly event with outdoors areas for DJs and art cars to participate easily, and the courtyard space and gallery to host tables with art project presentations.

Our goal is to give art project coordinators another chance at getting more or initial funds for their project by coming out to the PreCompression with a visual aide, model, powerpoint, or other presentation that describes their project scope and vision.

Each person (children under 16 are free) attending the event that pays the $10 entry fee will be given 10 tickets (“art bucks” essentially) that they can then give to each art project they think deserves funding. No restriction on how many to each project, allowing the community to choose where their money goes. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artist & their projects. Further this year, community support of the projects will weigh in on the Arts Committee decisions for awarding art grants.

To further support the artists & their ideas, attendees may purchase more art bucks. $1 = 1 art buck.

We encourage ALL in the community to come participate! Come as an attendee and help select what art pieces will make it to the festival by donating art bucks to help get that project funded. Come as an artist to have your project be seen and heard with potential reward for doing so. You’ll be inspiring each other in the process as we all get a chance to have a sneak peak on the awesome art projects planned for the Element 11 Festival!