2015 Element 11 Theme

Under the Stars

So many things happen under the stars. Memorable experiences and simple pleasures!

Under The Stars

Under The Stars

We are thrilled this year to have our theme art created by Nick Franchi. His artist statement about his Under the Stars design states:

“Wow when this theme was announced I turned into a little boy again, thoughts of stars, constellations, meteors zooming past my head, the notion that one day I could walk on the moon or even mars, frolic with some hippy alien and feed him (?) bacon, and talk about the old times back on earth, what a time it would be! Boarding the space shuttle, the contrast of the nostalgic orange fuel tank against the Stargazer shuttle, the roar of the rockets shooting me into space, the pleasant smell of zero gravity, it all just feels right. I open the hatch, I look down, what is down? Down is when you have ground, who cares now, lets look side to side, up to down, left to right, why? Because everything is just alright!

I’m floating in space, I still see stars, stars above me, below me, side to side. It doesn’t matter where you are, where you have gone or what you have done, the stars are always there! Twinkling, shimmering, putting on a show, giving you hope that one day humanity will shine as far and long as those stars will go. One day we will all leave, it may be too fast, it may be too slow, so buckle up your belts, tie your shoes, brush your teeth it’s never to late!

And always remember you will find your way home… Under the Stars.”


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