2012: Ascension


The chakras of the body are numbered in ascending order. Dormant Kundalini energy coils three and a half times at rest in the lowest chakra, the root, Muladhara, the red chakra, the place of foundation and beginning. From this firm foundation we ascend through each chakra in turn: Swadhisthana, the seed, the seat of sexual desire, the orange second chakra; Manipura, the navel, the solar plexus, the yellow chakra and the origin of our power; Anahata, the green heart chakra, the lotus of 12 petals, the flame of compassion, love, and charity; Vishuddha, the ability to speak our truth, a place of purification, the blue center of communication and connection with all the other beings of the Earth; Ajna, the indigo third eye of our intuition, the sense organ of our Spirit; and Sahasrara, the crown chakra, the ultraviolet thousand-petaled flower of our higher consciousness, the chakra from which all other chakras emanate. When the serpent of Kundalini reaches the crown chakra, we experience peace and communion with the entire Universe.

We have all been placed upon the great ladder of Ascension. Each rung is just a little too far overhead for a single person to reach, and so we must cooperate in order to ascend. I reach down with my arm and help my brother up from the rung below me, and in turn my sister will boost me up to the rung above us. The ladder extends infinitely in every direction, but the light of the Universe always beckons us upward. Sometimes the journey is difficult, and sometimes it may seem like the climb is too much for us. We sit and grieve, and our brothers and sisters embrace us in our sorrow, and help us stand and start to ascend once again. The more people we reach with kindness, the quicker our own ascension. Compassion for others gives us wings.

This great and subtle tide of upward-flowing consciousness has been gathering on our planet for many thousands of years. We have honed our kindness and acceptance and self-reliance and creativity on the alkaline playa of the Black Rock Desert, in the harshest of environments, where the forces of the Earth conspired with us to create a culture of compassion. Now, with Burning Man becoming a glass completely full, it is a time for new beginnings, new encounters, and a leap into the future. It’s time to ASCEND to the next level in our consciousness, time for all of us to come together and spread the connections we feel through and through to a waiting planet. An Ascension of our growing Burn culture is here. Welcome all the beautiful new faces, because together we can all change the world.

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Video of the fire conclave, thanks Timm Paxton!

Video of the Front Porch art installation, thanks Jenkstar Productions!