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el·e·ment 11 (ˈeləmənt/) noun
1. Sodium – salt: The eleventh element on the periodic table; the sixth most abundant element on earth. A regional characteristic of Utah, given the Bonneville Salt Flats and the Great Salt Lake.
2. A volunteer-based, non-profit organization with the mission to ignite a culture of creativity and self-expression! We provide a canvas for our community to play, dance, evolve, create & ignite.
3. A sanctioned regional Burning Man festival event dedicated to the Ten Principles and ethos of Burning Man. The Element 11 (E11) Arts Festival (Utah Regional Burn) is held the second weekend of July each year.
4. A community of radically, self-expressive artists, creators, innovators, do-ers, and participants who see art in all forms, in all ways, and in all people.

Our Regional Burn is a unique experience. Our participants are unique individuals. The community we create is vibrant and alive! Join us and join in! Learn more about Element 11 and find your place.

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Utah's Regional

Utah’s Regional Burning Man Festival

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Element 11 2015 Video Series

2015 was a monumental year for our little Regional; so many people put so much work into making “Under the Stars” a success. Thank you! Our video series gives you a glimpse into some of that work and lets you see some of those people.