Submit your art!

Submit your art!

Submit your artwork to be used for Element 11, 2015!

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Artwork may be used for tickets, laminates, What/Where/When Guide, Festival Signage and other promotional materials.  Submissions must be your own work. Drawing, painting, photography, digital art will be accepted. Any images used must be owned by the artist.


Element 11, 2015

Under The Stars

Thank you to everyone who voted. And special thanks for the incredible support at the January 11, 2015 Town Hall Meeting! It was standing room only!

A lot was covered and there’s a lot of work to do as we prepare for Element 11 2015 – Under The Stars. We recorded the meeting (well, all but the last 10 minutes, sorry…we’ll bring more memory cards next time) and posted it on YouTube so you can see what and how things work. We are working to make these meetings remotely accessible, but we encourage anyone interested in taking part to join us.