Each July in Utah, burners gather to celebrate our unique burner culture here in Utah. This festival is sanctioned by the Regional Burning Man Network and is intended to create an immediacy of experience and personal connection, encouraging relationships and collaborations that enable people to act more powerfully than individuals alone could dream — especially in the face of the daunting social realities of the “default world”. Not everyone has the opportunity to attend Burning Man in Black Rock City, but with our regional burn event, more and more people will have the opportunity to experience the Burning Man culture. We invite you to come out, get involved and build, create, play & connect with us!


Right about the time, when the playa dust has settled & you’re yearning to gather together again with your burner community, its time to Decompress! Each fall, for one spectacular night, Utah’s Burning Man Regional Contact team works to recreate the fun, excitement, energy & emotion of being on-playa. Break out your dusty burning man coat & join us for a night of art, great beats & lots of dancing!


A fun, daytime, family-friendly, fund-raising event, hosted by Element 11 each spring. Picnicking, plus!


This event is for the ARTS! PreCompression exists in order to inspire and encourage participation in the Element 11 festival and to provide revenues as a fundraiser for MORE art grant monies to be dispersed prior to the festival. We want the artists and their projects to have time and resources to be ready for our Utah playa. Come as an attendee and help select what art pieces will make it to the festival by donating art bucks to help get that project funded. Come as an artist to have your project be seen and heard with potential reward for doing so. You’ll be inspiring each other in the process as we all get a chance to have a sneak peak on the awesome art projects planned for the upcoming Element 11 Festival!


Volunteers are vital to our success and make our festival possible. In fact, Element 11 is a 100% volunteer festival. Volunteer Days is our spring volunteer recruitment and training extravaganza. This event brings our volunteers together to begin organizing into departments and work teams necessary to create the Element 11 Festival in July.

The events involve workshops in many areas and functions of the organization, including department and committee signups, new volunteer orientation, department information booths, service and work projects, DJs, great vibes, awards and loads of fun. Plan on joining us for this fun and engaging volunteer event.