Art Grant Policies

Element 11 Art Grant Recipient Terms and Conditions

Element 11 welcomes and funds all kinds of art, including, but not limited to: Effigies, Sculptures, Paintings, Photography, Filmography, Performance Art, Live Art, Song, Dance, Art Cars (Mutant Vehicles), Sound Camps, Theme Camps, and more. Grants are awarded for projects at the Element 11 Arts Festival, as well as year-round civic and community art projects

* Grant funding will be awarded depending on availability and at the discretion of the Element 11 BOD and the Arts Committee.

* Grant monies must NOT be used for personal expenses unrelated to the art project.

* Only one grant per project will be allotted. Artists are encouraged to raise supplemental funds as needed by hosting fundraisers, crowdsourcing and private donors.

* We encourage the use of recycled, reclaimed, and/or repurposed materials as much as possible for your project. We also encourage you to include community volunteers on your project.

* Monies must be spent on the items outlined in your grant application budget. Artists will be expected to have copies of all receipts and have the expense form we provide completely filled out by the opening of the festival. Grant monies that are not spent on the project must be reimbursed to Element 11 by the festival conclusion.

* There is a strict Leave No Trace policy for all artists participating in the festival. You are required to clean up everything to do with your art project and have a clean-up plan in place before the event. Be conscious of the impact your project has on your surroundings and people nearby—including creation, setup, sound emissions, burn, takedown, and the effects of weather while on display.

* Grant recipients must adhere to all Element 11 and venue policies at all times.

* For the Element 11 Festival, early access to the festival location is limited to certain hours and is available only to those who absolutely need to be there. Everyone is required to receive approval from Element 11 before installing projects on site.

* If your project involves open flame, flame effects, or flammable gas, you must get pre-approval on your project from the Element 11 Dangerous Arts Department. Element 11 will coordinate between you, the local fire department, and county staff who will be monitoring the event. We have a limited number of openings for burn projects. Element 11 will work with you on the timing of your burn to fit into the schedule of the rest of the events. The burn scar must be cleaned up prior to you leaving the festival. The EPW Director must sign off that clean-up of your burn scar complies with the LNT policy before clean-up is considered complete.

* If your project is related to sound, be sure to read and adhere to the Sound Policy.

* If your project is an art car, you must pre-register, be approved by the EMV (Element of Mutant Vehicles) at the festival, and adhere to the Art Car and Sound Policies.

* Element 11 Board of Directors, Art Department, and Art Grants Committee members are not eligible to receive grant funding.

* Grants will be awarded in four tiers ($100 / $500 / $1000 / $2500) to allow for a diverse range of art projects. The number of grants available is based on the amount of total grant budget for the current year.

* Grant monies can be used to purchase Element 11 tickets. Element 11 does not award “artist tickets” separate from or in addition to art grant dollars.

* Grants are not to be used for 100% of the art project budget, but are designed to give the artists ample time and startup funding to create their projects.

By accepting grant monies, you are agreeing to comply with Element 11 Grant Recipient Terms and Conditions. Your conduct must reflect the details outlined above. If anything comes into question, you may have salvageable materials repossessed, monies owed invoiced, and will not be considered for a grant award in the future. The Element 11 Art Grants Committee and Board will determine whether your conduct is out of line with these Terms and Conditions.

Updated 11.30.2015