Element 11 Rights & Responsibilities for Media and Participants

Element 11 Rights & Responsibilities for Media and Participants

The Element 11 festival and events are private events. As a participant or a member of the media, you should consider your rights and responsibilities for yourself and toward others in the community. Element 11 is committed to preserving the uniquely creative culture of our festival and events. These guidelines have been established in order to do so.

Filming, video & still photography of the festival or events by the Media

  • One of the abiding principles of Element 11 is that participants do not interfere with the immediate experience of other participants. As a member of the media, you are expected to be respectful and conduct yourself accordingly. If you do, your coverage will be far more authentic and meaningful.
  • If any participant asks you to stop filming, you must stop immediately. If you continue to photograph or film, you face the possibility of being escorted from the festival or event.
  • The Element 11 name and logo are the property of Element 11, Inc. None of these items can be used in association with any commercial venture, advertising campaign, nor sold or transferred to a third party, without prior written consent from Element 11.
  • Members of the media have the responsibility to advise gate/door personnel of who they are.
  • Members of the media have the responsibility to participate and the right to be respected as a participant. As a participant, members of the media are expected to acquire a ticket under the same conditions as any Element 11 participant. If a member of the media is unwilling to do so, they will be denied entry but are welcome to interview an Element 11 representative at the gate/door. Members of the media have the responsibility to be courteous to Element 11 participants and respect their rights to privacy. Those who do not respect these rights will be asked to leave.
  • All members of the media are required to wear an official media credentials, whenever they are filming, photographing or performing any duties associated with documenting the festival and its participants. Credentials can be acquired upon arrival.

Photographer/Videographer Rights & Responsibilities (Personal Use)

  • Element 11 participants have the right to express themselves and create art as a photographer or videographer.
  • You have the responsibility to be respectful to people you wish to photograph or record.
  • You have the responsibility to use discretion in situations where someone is fully or partially nude, in the middle of some obviously very private moment, or doing anything that perhaps they would not want the whole world to see; best practice is to ask permission first.
  • You may only use images that you obtained at the event for personal use. No commercial use whatsoever may be made of any such images.
  • Those who cannot enjoy their rights without acting responsibly may be escorted out of Element 11 events.

Participant Rights & Responsibilities

  • While attending Element 11 events, you consent to being filmed or photographed. However, you do have the following rights:
    • You have the right & responsibility to ask someone to stop taking a picture of you, recording your image or recording your voice in any way if you desire. However, keep in mind the nature of radical self-expression, capturing expression is a form of self-expression.
    • You have the right to know what someone plans to do with your image.
    • If someone is disrespectfully using a camera or recording device of any kind and you cannot resolve it through dialog, please contact a Ranger immediately.
    • You must take responsibility for your own image. If you see a camera turned on you, ask what they are shooting for. If you don’t wish your image to be used as they describe, ask them to stop.

Artist Rights & Responsibilities

  • You have the right to protect the image of your artwork or performance.
  • You have the right to ask someone to stop taking images of your art or performance if you don’t approve.
  • You have the right to be credited for authorship of your artwork wherever possible.

Element 11 Rights & Responsibilities

  • We will respond to reasonable, timely media inquiries made in the spirit of good journalism.
  • Element 11 has the responsibility to create an environment for our participants that does not tolerate rude or irresponsible use of photographic or video recording equipment. Persons who cannot respect the rights and wishes of others with respect to photographs, video, or recordings of any kind will be asked to leave.
  • Element 11 reserves the right to disallow the use of Element 11-related imagery and recordings of any kind for commercial use.

Policy updated 02072015.