Laser Policy

Laser Policy


The intent of this policy is to keep Element 11 participants safe from potential harm and/or lifelong disability caused by being exposed to directed laser light, especially laser light accidentally or purposefully directed toward a person’s eyes or passing aircraft.

Laser devices-Generally

No person attending Element 11 will purposely or recklessly operate any laser device in violation of a manufacturer’s instructions/warnings.  Use of a laser device other than for artistic or decorative effect, to mark a location so as to give directions, or to summon aid in an emergency is prohibited.

Time and place—laser on perimeters prohibited

No device emitting laser light, or the light emitted by such a device, regardless of its power level or rating will be intentionally directed at a person’s body above their shoulders at any time.

Persons operating laser devices, whether handheld or mounted, will not direct the light from said devices at any location where persons are gathered in a group or climbing on/over something and may be accidentally struck in the face with a beam.  “Location” includes any camp, theme camp, art car, art installation, structure or other facility.

Operation of laser devices is forbidden on burn perimeters; Participants must leave their devices in their camps.

Mounted lasers and theme camps

Theme camps will declare their intent to use large, mounted laser equipment as a part of their camp in the application process.  Theme camps or individuals using mounted laser equipment will ensure that their laser is mounted at least 7 feet above the ground and can NOT be aimed or pointed in such a manner to strike any of the above mentioned locations.

Violation of any portion of this policy will trigger the 007 eviction process.

Drafted March 2015