What is an Art Car/Mutant Vehicle?

An Art Car, or Mutant Vehicle, is a vehicle with room for two or more people (including the driver) that has been radically, stunningly and safely modified. The words “whimsical” and “surreal” come to mind when thinking of Mutant Vehicles. A Mutant Vehicle is not a private mode of transportation, but rather a vehicle that the community has the opportunity to visit and/or ride in during the event.

What is NOT a Mutant Vehicle?

A vehicle that has NOT been radically mutated is NOT a Mutant Vehicle.

Street vehicles with minimal changes and temporary decorations are not Mutant Vehicles. For example, a vehicle that has crepe paper and some flowers attached to it is not considered mutated. Low riders, classic cars, monster trucks, dune buggies and hot rods are not Mutant Vehicles. If you bring these types of vehicles, they must remain in a designated parking area like any other non-mutated vehicle. A vehicle that has been stripped down to the frame and engine is not a mutant vehicle. The Element 11 EMV has the final say-so in these matters.

Do I need to pre-register my Art Car/Mutant Vehicle?

Yes. This year, all Mutant Vehicles must register beginning 4/20 through 5/31, 2016.. Inspection will occur on site and must be approved by the EMV department before operating at Element 11. You will receive an inspection decal, which must be displayed in plain site on your Mutant Vehicle before it can be operated.

Are there special requirements?

To receive a Mutant Vehicle permit, the vehicle must meet the below guidelines. Your Mutant Vehicle must be deemed SAFE to operate and transport passengers by a EMV team member, first and foremost. When you are ready to operate your mutant vehicle, an official member of the EMV will inspect your vehicle then expect to go for a fun-filled ride with you! Element 11 EMV reserves the right to board your Mutant Vehicle at any time during the festival, for any reason. You will also be asked to sign an acceptance form stating that you understand the guidelines and accept the liability before a Mutant Vehicle permit is issued.

People with legitimate mobility issues may use non-Mutant Vehicles for getting around the festival, but still need to register their vehicle with the EMV.

Failure to follow guidelines may result in the temporary or permanent revocation of your permit to drive your Mutant Vehicle at the event, the temporary or permanent suspension of a driver, and/or the expulsion of driver and/or vehicle from the event. This is at the sole discretion of the EMV, Rangers, or Element 11 Board. Safety violations are counted towards the vehicle, not the driver. Please be sure that the person(s) operating your Mutant Vehicle abide by all safety guidelines.

Mutant Vehicles with sound:

All Mutant Vehicles with sound MUST abide by Element 11′s SOUND POLICIES. Mutant Vehicles with sound will essentially be treated the same as theme camps with sound, depending on the size and wattage of your sound system. A copy of the Element 11 sound policy will be given to you at the time of registration, and is also available online.

Check our our MUTANT VEHICLES page for details and to register your Mutant Vehicle

Updated March 23, 2015.

Driving Guidelines for Mutant Vehicles:

  • Maximum speed of 5 mph
  • Must be driven by licensed drivers
  • May not be driven by an intoxicated/impaired driver or in a dangerous manner
  • Must have valid car insurance, unless the vehicle is not required to have insurance outside of the event. Element 11 assumes no liability for your Mutant Vehicle.
  • Mutant Vehicles are advised to stay on designated roads and areas. Element 11 and the EMV assume no responsibility for towing or extricating your Mutant Vehicle if it becomes stuck!


Vehicle Guidelines for Nighttime Driving:

  • All of the day time guidelines
  • Adequate illumination, including front, rear and side lights
  • If towing a trailer, you must illuminate the trailer and hitch, as well as the wheel wells and/or fenders for maximum visibility and safety

Vehicle Guidelines for Daytime Driving:

  • Radically, stunningly and safely modified
  • Designed to carry two or more people (including the driver)
  • Must not leak fluids
  • Clear field of vision for the operator, which may include rear and side mirrors
  • People walking with the vehicle to ensure safety if it is large (over 10 passengers) or has limited field of vision
  • Safe access area and procedures for loading and unloading passengers
  • Safe access area into and out of your camp
  • Does not mimic any type of emergency or law enforcement vehicle