Leave No Trace

This is SUPER important! Each and every attendee must participate in Leave No Trace (LNT).

What is MOOP?
MOOP is an acronym for “Matter Out of Place”, a convenient way of referring to anything that is not originally OF the land on which our event takes place. So everything that wasn’t originally ON or OF the land, no matter how small, is considered MOOP, and is to be removed as part of our Leave No Trace efforts.

How can I participate in LNT?

  • Pack it in, pack it out – There will be no garbage cans provided at this event.
  • Leave No Trace – Don’t let it hit the ground. If you see MOOP, even if its not yours, pick it up & pack it out!
  • Bring pocket trash cans for cigarette butts (like a mint tin or film canister).
  • Please be conscious – keep matter well in it’s place – stoop for MOOP.
  • Keep your own camp clean – the wind will blow – be sure it doesn’t take your cups and decorations.
  • Headed out? Batten down – fold your chairs,  put the chips away, and recycle your cans.
  • Line sweep – line sweep – line sweep.