volunteer, get involved


Everything that happens at the Element 11 Arts Festival and all of our events, happens because of volunteer contributions—from the Board of Directors to Greeters, from Rangers and Medical Staff to Artists and Performers, from Builders to Department Leads, we rely on the gifting spirit of your time, energy, and talents to make our events go and grow. Start by registering as a volunteer. We will contact you when we need your skills. We look forward to working with you!

Join our Element 11 Volunteers page on Facebook to find out when we have work parties and meetings.


Our Community Outreach program is pioneered by our Public Affairs Committee (PAC). The goal is to reach beyond our community by contributing and influencing the Utah community as a whole. PAC will lead community service projects, social opportunities, and educational/training opportunities.


We’re bringing center camp back – stronger & sweeter than before! We’re creating a space that will be beautiful and shady as well as stand up to the elements. Get involved and help make this plan a reality!


Element 11 is proud to fund art grants both for the festival as well as projects beyond the festival. Please refer to the Artists page for deadlines, application process and policies.


Fire spinning at its finest! We are fortunate to have a large & active fire conclave here in Utah. Want to try spinning, have lots of experience or are somewhere in between? Join us! Please refer to the Fire Conclave page for details.


We would love to have your mutant vehicle or art car participate in our events! Please refer to the Mutant Vehicles page for details.


Element 11 is excited to host Sound Camps and Theme Camps of all kinds! Please refer to the Theme and Sound Camps page for deadlines, application process and policies.


Who are they, why are they part of Element 11? Read all about them on our Rangers page and learn how to get involved with rangering yourself.