2017: Orpheum Awarded Art Grants!

Grant winners for Element 11 2017 – Orpheum:
A big THANK YOU to everyone who submitted an application ; your visions are all amazing, and we wish we could fund them all. If your project was not offered funding this year, we hope you’re not deterred from creating the wonderful things you want to make, and can’t wait to see what you might submit in the future.

2016 Youtopia Temple

Adjustable Diode Array Matrix (A.D.A.M.)

Auric Heart 2.0

Birth of a Phoenix

Camp Wardrobe MalFUNktion

Circle of Hypnotism (Kids)

Crypster Saloon

Dichroic Skull

Dino Town

Element 11 Tribal Beats (Akoma)

Fraternal Order of Mad Scientists


Hot Soup (Pre-burn Show)




Jacked Rabbit


Jungo Blizzard

Mini Charcoal-Fired Pottery Kiln

Mystical Mermaid Dome Theatre

Open your heart

Orpheum Theater Sign


Rally the Musicians

Red Light Variety Show presents Imaginarium

SophistaPirates Kids Workshop

Stand Alone Blackboards


Swing Spire


The Big Upright (Main Effigy)

The ConciousNest

The Fire Enigma

The Persistent Flame

The Salty Bastard

The Solar Saucer 2.0

The SophistaPirate Cove

The Wall

Top Hat Workshop

Tree of Light

Wah Wah Springs

Element 11 welcomes and funds all kinds of art & artists! Effigies, Sculptures, Paintings, Photography, Performance Art, Live Art, Song, Dance, Art Cars, Sound Camps, you name it.



For details regarding Art Grants, check out the ART GRANT POLICIES.

2015 Art Projects

Total Amount Awarded

  • Performance 20% 20%
  • Visual Art 60% 60%
  • Music 15% 15%
  • Mutant Vehicle 15% 15%

Past art grants have included:


  • A fixed luminous point in the night sky (Effigy)
  • A Theme Camp Seen from Space!
  • Akoma
  • Ballin’ Oates
  • Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion
  • Chatterbox
  • Cosmic Boss
  • Cosmic Encounter
  • Crystal Forest
  • Delirium
  • Electric Lazy Lounge
  • Elements of Celebration
  • Hug Deli SLC
  • Jellyfish 12,000
  • Juggalo Bar
  • Los Bastardos
  • Pyramid
  • Robot Resurrection
  • Samba Fogo
  • Sand Tripidation Station
  • Shut the Funk Door
  • Simply B
  • Tet
  • The Laserium
  • The Sound of E11 Radio Station
  • The Twelvefold Temple of the Cosmos
  • Tree of Light
  • Troll Bridge
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • Utah Fire Tribe
  • Wall of Infinite Mirrors
  • West Bank
  • Wofa The Experience
  • Tree of Light, Tyler Smith, Jodi Mardesich, Kyler Harmer, & Molly Young
  • The Sonic Souk Legacy Burn,Sarah Berry & the Utah CORE team
  • Juggalo Bar, Forrest Millheim, Tyler Gittins, & the Juggalos
  • Eye of the Vortex Temple, Gillian Rawcliffe & the 2014 Temple Crew
  • Spider Jelly Dome & The Amazing Jellyfish From the Year 12000Jared Gallardo & the Jellyfish Crew
  • Electric Lazy Lounge, Mike Conaster
  • Laserium Laser Dome, Mike Willden
  • The Crypster Casino Art Trailer, Jonny Jemming & the Crypsters
  • Flame Cannon, Ben Argyle
  • Shadow Play, Ashley Pytlewski
  • Wizard’s Clue, Dave Gillette
  • MEW Mutant Vehicle, Effin Rob
  • The Frigid Bitch, Sara Tiger