The Utah Fire Tribe creates and performs the pre-effigy burn show for our Element 11 Arts festival each summer. The show is a multidimensional performance including fire of all kinds, singers, dancers, musicians, areal artists, and much more ….

The Conclave is a large volunteer group from the community (up to 150 people and growing), all of whom put in countless hours to put on the best show possible. Members of the conclave also perform at various other events around the area including supporting the fund raising events for the Element 11 community. Our community is so blessed to have such talent! The Utah Fire Tribe has been honored to perform at the base of the man for Burning Man’s Fire Conclave from 2005-2010 and again in 2013, and yet again in 2016!

Video of some of the E11 performances…

Are you a performer or just want to be involved in the show? There is room for all skill levels! Check out the Facebook group “Utah Fire Tribe” or contact Sixist, RivetHead, Or Callie¬†for additional information. All performers must read & adhere to the FIRE POLICIES.