2019 Theme Camp applications are OPEN!!

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Got an Art Car? Tell us so we can plan to get you registered and on playa smooth like buttah.

Mutant Vehicle Applications Coming Soon

More information for and about Theme Camps

As an all inclusive Arts Festival, Element 11 is excited to host Sound Camps and Theme Camps of all kinds! These camps are an interactive core of Element 11. Thank you for your interest in participating and creating this amazing event with us.

The Element 11 BOD is working hard to create a functional, holistic, and harmonious framework for our community that facilitates a culture of creativity and self-expression.

We ask for your assistance and flexibility in helping us achieve these goals for the layout of our community:

  • The creation of an Esplanade lined with theme camps and art that surrounds the effigies.
  • The creation of a functional and active Center Camp that is centrally located in the festival.
  • The creation of a sound camp street that will be located such that sound participation does not interfere with other forms of participation.

To apply for a theme/sound camp, fill out the online application form — the sooner you apply the better chance you have for acceptance! Operating a camp is a big decision that requires hard work and a crew to help. Please make sure that you have the time, energy and resources to operate your camp.

We’re looking forward to quite an assortment of camps for 2019. Plan to stop by one, two, or all of the sound and theme camps to say “Hi”, see what they have to offer,  and make new friends!

By applying as a theme camp you are agreeing to all Element 11 policies including the Theme and Sound camp policy