Article by Forrest Millheim

Every year in early spring, the Burning Man Organization, The Black Rock Arts Foundation, and the Burning Man Regional Network work tirelessly to bring a cadre of Burning Man Regional Contacts, regional community leaders and event producers from all over the world to beautiful San Francisco for the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference. Utah was honored to have fabulous representation at the conference from our local Regional Contacts as well as other community leaders and five members of the Element 11 Board of Directors.

From the general sessions to break-out workshops to the social hours, it was a completely inspirational experience. The Burning Man Regional Network, which is comprised of regional events around the globe, is responsible for bringing Burning Man culture and its ethos into our local communities, allowing those not able to actually attend Burning Man to experience the art, the creativity, and the community that gathers annually in Black Rock City.

Workshops covered just about every possible aspect of creating a regional event as well as ways to work at home to ignite the flame of artistic expression in the local community. Art is one of those beautiful things that can cross all lines of social and cultural differences to bring people together.

Former U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich provided the keynote presentation at the conference. You can check out the video by clicking here. He shared many highly inspirational points and his enthusiasm for what Burning Man is all about. Among many great lines he delivered, a favorite was this: “I sure am interested in working with all of you because I think that what you’re involved in is really creating a world that is not just worth living in, but that everyone loves to live in. And that really is what it’s all about. It’s about connecting with a deeper sense of joy.”