(Photo courtesy of Jenn Blum – who reminds you to keep bike maintenance in mind! http://brainfueling.com/bike-workshop-one)

Being popular is hard.

This year saw many things move; our venue, Joe Russo, the Volunteer Kitchen, Joe Russo, Center Camp…Joe Russo. In that fine tradition we are doing yet another move! We’re migrating this very web site from our old, tired, busted, web server, to a new home.

What will this mean for you? Well, hopefully you won’t notice much, at first. In the near future, however, you’re going to see some pretty major things happen. All the navigation will change, things will become easier, faster, more interactive. I’ve started working on a thing called “The Syndication Hub” so content will flow in and out to and from the far, dark corners of the Interwebs with ease. More guest writers, Content Curators, etc.

We will take over. Do not panic, it will be (somewhat) painless…

Want to help?