Hi there everyone, it’s me, the Archbishop (or Queen Tut, if you’re nasty).

I need something from my wonderful community, and it’s a big ask. I need your photos from E11 and I need them soon.

Crypster Casino 2012 - Queen Tut

Crypster Casino 2012 – Queen Tut

Why? Well, it’s because many of you have some great images from our festival and I want to use them on our website. Stock images are always a pain for people working on the web. It’s a constant need and there’s just never enough to satisfy! No, we can’t pay, so please consider this an Art contribution!

Since this is an experiment, I’m going to set up a little form (it’s down below this post) and ask that you contact me if you’re interested in contributing to this art collective. I want to give full attribution (credit) to those who donate and let you revel in the fame and glory that will surely follow!

A couple of ideas to help fuel you…

  • Behind the scenes! Let’s see pics from the gears and the grit that create this event.
  • Non-festival, E11 events – We do many of these, but don’t have a lot of pics from them.
  • Theme Camps – Got camp? Let’s see your pics! (They have to go on the Site, so let’s keep nudity to a minimum, please.)
  • Non-Theme Camp – Not everyone belongs to a big camp, I really want to see those pics! (Same rule as above – Keep them Classy!)
  • Burn, Burn and Burn! We always want effigy pics!

Got the idea? Now you have the pics! Please let me know if you’re interested in sharing!

Just contact me using the form and I will get back to you soon and arrange a way for you to get them to me.



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