I wouldn’t call this a “redesign”.

When you visit element11.org, you see a whole lotta information being fed into a giant processing machine. This information has been gathering for years…but this website is a “hub”. There are a lot of distributors and outlets and markets the Hub feeds and, in turn, is fed by. 

redesign the hub

Things need paint…

What we did was clean the machine, replace some parts and updated things in that busy factory that people don’t see, much. Part of that meant painting the storefront.

So, not a redesign. Just an efficiency upgrade.

Just wait…if you want a voice in making this site better, I have JUST the place for you.

E11 Spin Doctors

E11 Spin Doctors

The E11 Spin Doctors – you have a voice and I actually listen! And it’s on the Book of Face! Join us…