Don’t Panic!

In case you haven’t noticed, there are less than 4 weeks to go!! The feeling of feverish excitement is in the air and non-stop activity abounds as we all get ready to head to our salty playa. It’s very nearly time to welcome you all home. How fantastically exciting!

Lots of *important* information enclosed here! Things you NEED to know! And, things you WANT to know! Grab a refreshing beverage & read to the very end. You’ll be happy (and we’ll be happy) that you did!

In this issue:

  • Element 11 Volunteers!
  • Ticket Sales
  • Updated E11 Sound Policy
  • Registered Theme & Sound Camps
  • Registered Mutant Vehicles
  • Registered Art Projects
  • Burners in the Park
  • Congratulations to Utah’s New Burning Man Regional Contacts!
  • New Burning Man Regional Contact Profiles
  • Forrest Millheim
  • Gillian Rawcliffe
  • John Ward
  • Kameron Hammond

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