Welcome Back, Utah Community!

It’s been a minute since the last Salt Shaker. After Element 11 we had to take a bit of a break and then there was Burning Man and all of a sudden summer is almost over! Time flies by even when one isn’t deep in the throngs of planning an upcoming festival.

Speaking of festivals, wanted to send a big shout out to everyone who volunteered & helped us create Element 11 this year. You all rock! Thank you, thank you for the countless hours you all put in to making Element 11 the incredible event that it was.

From the artists, builders, theme camps, medics, rangers, gate crews, greeters, angels, performers, participants, and the BOD – we are a community. Our festival is just one part of what WE as a COMMUNITY do together. They say difficult times help relationships grow stronger. I believe this is true of our community as well.

The amount of love and support each and every person was showing for all those around them on Saturday night at Element 11 was incredible. The way our community bonded together to be with each other during a difficult time goes to show what a wonderful community this is.

In the days following our event, beyond our local community, there was an outpouring of love and support from the world-wide burning man community as a whole for our Utah tribe. We are blessed. Blessed to be part of such a community that isn’t just there when the party is fun, but also there through the hard times too.

And as we lift our heads up from the Element 11 festival and past the swirling dust of Burning Man, the future is ahead of us. Bright and full of light and wonder. The BOD is getting back into the swing of things and gearing up for another epic year ahead. With a community like this around us, we know there are wonderful things in store!

In this issue are some of those wonderful things! We have Ogden Fall Equinox camp-out this weekend! Utah Decompression is also in the works! And Element 11 Board of Directors nominations will be opening soon. Details for all are below.

And finally, it’s with great pleasure I’d like to introduce Sarah Berry who will be assuming responsibility of preparing and sending out the Salt Shaker going forward. I’ve so much enjoyed creating and sharing each issue with you over the last year and a half. It’s the evolution of things to build something and then turn it over to someone else to carry the baton for a while. I’ll still be around, working diligently behind the scenes with the BOD to lay the foundation for all of us as a community to create next year’s epic Element 11 festival!


In this Issue:

  • Ogden Fall Equinox 2014
  • Utah Decompression 2014
  • Element 11 Board of Directors Nominations
  • Learning the 10 Principles

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