The Fall Season Has Arrived!

The nights are getting longer, the air is getting cooler, and with Decompression around the corner we are beginning to wrap up all of the amazing and unforgettable times we had together this year. We have alot to cover in this edition of the Salt Shaker, and we want to send out a thank you to all of the friends that contributed thier stories!

A reminder that BOD Nominations are still open until October 20th!!
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In this edition:

  • Save the Date for 2014 Utah Decompression!
  • 4Q Town Hall and BOD Elections
  • Melon Nights at the Jenkstar Ranch
  • Fall Equinox in Ogden
  • Utah At Burning Man!!
  • Solstice Burn: RELEASE 2014
  • Grantsville Groves Planting Day
  • Element 11 Q2 Financials
  • A Letter to the Community
  • A Bright Star Has Passed
  • Community Resources Are Available

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