After soliciting for some wisdom from salty, old Burners, we have some more insight for ya. However, ye be warned, the Burner in their natural habitat attracts mates using one-liners and a hefty-helping of sarcasm. And here they are, in their original form. To edit them would diminish their amazingness.

This is Part 2 in a multi-part series. Stay tuned, we will have Part 3 posted shortly!


If today you could talk to newbie Burner you, what advice would you offer yourself?

  • Don’t bother, next year was better (Chefdaddy)
  • More arty, less party: Bring more food and water than booze or other fun stuff. This is just as good sober as not–if not better. (Ranger Poundcake)
  • Ask more questions about things you see that are new to you. (Ranger 8 Ball)
  • Really there’s nothing I could say that would make a difference. Just try to go with the flow and it will all work out somehow. (Alice Toler)
  • Don’t rely on anyone else for anything other than smiles and bad advice. (David Born)

What is your daily carry at a Burn?

  • PBR (Chefdaddy)
  • What I carry around with me depends on what I am up to; a backpack or shoulder bag thing with generally a water container of some sort, a camera, a hat and bandana to keep the evil day star at bay, some sun block, little snacks, and some random gifty stuff. (Ranger Poundcake)
  • [Ditto for what Poundcake said] (Ranger 8 Ball)
  • Camelbak of water, bandana, sunglasses, goggles, phone in airplane mode to use as a camera (inside a ziplock bag), some kind of snacky stuff (apple, clementine, similar), dental floss, knife or scissors, some kind of tape, sunscreen, bandaids, Sharpie markers…plus whatever else ends up in the bottom of my pack. At night, all of that plus some kind of LED lights so I’m not a darkwad. (Alice Toler)  [Editor’s note: a “darkwad” is a person that generally gets mocked for their invisible pedestrian costume at night. Darkwads enjoy getting run over by bicyclists and art cars. Lights in the front and back!]
  • S&W 9mm (David Born) [Editor’s note: Firearms are not allowed at E11 or Burning Man. See? Told ya these were salty]
Over-Prepared Poundcake

Photographic proof that Ranger Poundcake lurves his gear.

What’s your favorite gift that you have received at a Burn?

  • Hugs and Kissies (Chefdaddy)
  • The best gift I have been given at a burn was/were friends who have lasted years and years. (Ranger Poundcake)
  • The gift of trust and responsibility as a volunteer. (Ranger 8 Ball)
  • Being able to participate in making giant ridiculous awesome art with amazing people. (Alice Toler)
  • A choco tacojob (David Born) [Editor’s note: ????]

What should everyone do at least once at a Burn?

  • Spank a giant blogger (Chefdaddy) [Editor’s note: I have 50 watts of Bullhorney ready, in short I cordially invite you to come at me, bro] 
  • Everyone should see the temple burn at least once. Or volunteer. Actually both. Do both! (Ranger Poundcake)
  • Try something you’ve never done before. (Ranger 8 Ball)
  • Sleep. Eat. Take care of your body. Talk with strangers. Make new friends. (Alice Toler)
  • A barrel roll (David Born)
  • Volunteer!!! Great way to meet people and give back to the community. (Viva La Vicarious)

Any favorite scars you earned at a Burn?

  • only mental (Chefdaddy)
  • None of the scars I have from burns are any that I’d like to talk about. (Ranger Poundcake)
  • I have no scars of my own, but have bandaged many other people’s wounds that have left scars.. literally and figuratively. (Ranger 8 Ball)
  • If you cut yourself and get playa dust in it, you will scar. I have a tiny scar on my left pinky from 2008, which I remember starting off as a papercut and which annoyed me for a couple of weeks once it got playafied. I have a burn scar on my left forearm from the Bee burn in 2012 – embers travel, right? (Alice Toler)
  • My ex wife  (David Born)

For more insight check out Part 1:

About the Part 2 Contributors:

Chefdaddy – Is the host with the most-est at the Volunteer Appreciation Lounge. He loves bacon, feeding people, and gives some of the best hugs available.

Ranger Poundcake – Wears many hats on the Element 11 Board of Directors (BoD). Long time medic and Ranger. Also makes some of the best goddamned bloody marys.

Ranger 8 Ball – Yet another overly involved Element 11 BoD member who oversees SMERC (Security, Medical, Emergency services, Rangers, and Communications Departments). He kisses your ouchies with the greatest tenderness at Medical.

Alice Toler- Is an incredible artist who shines when tilting at giant art installations. She was one of the founding members of the E11 BoD. She is currently the artistic lead for the 12 Fold Temple of the Cosmos at Element 11 this year.

David Born- Is one of the geniuses behind many of E11’s visual stylings this year. Yet another BoD member and professional hippie wrangler in his role as E11’s Arts Director. We can partially blame him for the Survival and What Where When Guides. Ask him about the time he was a skydiving Elvis impersonator!

Ranger Cedar is a recovering ex-Board of Directors member. He occasionally guest posts on the Element 11 website, Facebook or can be found ethically dispensing wisdom on his adored pink bullhorn named “Bullhorney.”