Every spring, a committee of involved artists and community leaders get together to peruse all the grant requests and to make some tough decisions about how to allocate our grant funds. This year, we had over 60 projects to go through, with over $70,000 dollars requested. That all needed to be cut down to our grant budget for this year, which is $30,000 total. Lots of tough decisions to be made! We want to thank everyone who submitted, *everyone* really outdid themselves this year. We’re super impressed!
We’ve put this little preview together of just a small sampling of some of the wondrous things you’ll see at Element 11 this year. Join us at stART this coming Sunday 4/15 at The Urban Arts Gallery (137 So. Rio Grande St, inside Gateway Mall) from 4-7PM to see even more. This event is our PreCompression, a fundraiser to help support our artists, and to show off as many projects as possible. We’ll have music, performances, snacks, and of course ART! Don’t miss it! In the meantime, check out these awesome projects, with a list of all grant winners at the bottom.

Mercury Touchstone was created and finished in 2017 for our Colorado regional Apogaea. It’s a 13- foot-tall space rocket covered in 5,750 fully programmable LEDs. There are three consoles that allow participants to interact with the rocket by controlling patterns and special effects. The consoles also allow the participants to play interactive games such as Simon Says. Mercury Touchstone is part of “The Bad Asstronauts” a four-year-old Denver based theme camp focused on Burning Man, our Colorado regional Apogeaa, and now this year Element 11.

Pollen Power is a mobile winged solar station creation that will be used at Burning Man, Element 11 and local events needing shore-less power provided by an 18 foot long eye-popping glowing insect. During the day, its wings will collect solar energy and breath with its environment.  It will be a great place to enjoy some music and chill both during the day and night!

Penelopeacock is a giant three-headed peacock, whose tail will serve as a stunning interactive sound and light display. The creature would move around Element 11, The peacock’s three heads will be carefully-crafted puppets that when approaching a crowd, its heads might look around, nibble on things, or issue loud mating calls through the integrated speakers. Its tail has thousands of individually addressed LED lights and video projections will take place. The light show will utilize pre-programed sequences that will be triggered by computer controls, OR by members of the audience through their sound and movement.
Envisioned Futures merges science, design, and fiction by exploring emerging futures that we want and do not want. Comprised of dioramas inside of mirrored infinity cubes, viewers are presented with a choice to either record a message for other participants (“Talk to the future”) or to listen to these recorded messages (“Listen to a message from the future”). The future from this point is not a defined point and we, as a society, are presented with a multitude of possibilities, thus plural futures. The goal of this project is to explore the various possibilities that we may encounter as we embrace emerging political ideologies and technologies. Each future is designed as an interactive diorama that asks the question “what if”?

Returning to Element 11 this year is Illumicone! Illumicone is light art driven by participation and interaction. Its glow draws participants inside where they encounter odd-looking mechanical widgets. As participants manipulate the widgets, patterns of light move in response, surrounding the participants with a dazzling color spectacle of their own creation. (Also returning is JOULE, the art car photobombing this photo!)

 Also returning is HAL. HAL is an interactive sound and light structure with a personality. Standing at 20 ft tall and a base measuring 18 x 18ft, HAL is quite an imposing object for many to walk under and around. It is designed to act as a beacon on the skyline, beckoning you closer with its curious tones and dancing lights. Inspired by aesthetics from movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the object invites observers to gaze up at the stars with wonder. HAL integrates Infrared sensors and buttons that respond to observer input in order to trigger certain sound and light sequences. This has given it a mind of its own in many ways. The real fun starts when 3 observers hold their respective button at the base of each leg.

The Boob Tube is a brand new interactive stage that invites passerby to interact, as actors, with an audience. It provides the opportunity for immediacy and participation to become a created experience by anyone and everyone. In addition to being able to set your own scene, there will also be scheduled performances from puppeteers to acoustic shows.

Camp Glowy Truck – Martin Erickson
Cheetah Pirate Palace – Michelle Angelillies
Dichrotic Skull – BrodyIzm
Donners Revenge – Topher Cranney
Door to your Dreams – LeAnn McIsaac
Envisioned Futures – Katya Ivanova
Golden Unicorn Calf – Matt Hogue
Groping Booth – Robert Stevahn
HAL 2.0 – Chad Wing
Havasaurus Rex – Zach Woodbury
Illumicone – Ross Butler
Pollen Power – Mark Hammond
Joule – Justin Belcher
Lavoisier’s Lounge – Jeremy Smith
Manifested – Justine Connell
Mercury Touchstone – Brian Weatherhead
P3: Princess Party Palace – Princess Stephanie

Penelopeacock – Sam Johnson
Photo Booth – Kody Schvanevelde
Play on Words – Birdie Hess
Poems of Unusual Size – Margaret Clayton
PreBurn Show – Sixist Sulpizio/Utah Fire Tribe
Puppets on the Playa – Madazon Can-Can
Rally the Musicians – Simply B
Rhombi Lantern – Scott Boer
Rubens Tube – Cade Sabin
Sparkle Heart Disc Golf Course – JD Poulson, Martin Glassner
Specular Vision – James Bradshaw
Starlight Starbright – Dart Driggs
Temple of Forgiveness – Topher Cranney/Utah Builders
Tesseract – Logan Barmore
The Boob Tube – AJ Silva
The Grove – Natalie Bramwell
The Hippie Trap – Brandi Leifson, Eric Clayton
The Pit of Dispair – Ryan Pera
The Resiliance of Spirit – Tracy Lewis
The Crypster Saloon – Jonny Jemming
The Towers – Chris Walsh
Vibe Platforms – Maclain Drake
Wish Granted Variety Show – Rio Wimmer, Madison LIndgren
Wish Upon a Star – imothy Stoner
Wishing Gypsy Tea Tent – Stephanie & Asa Kerswell
Wishing Wells – Nate Humphries, Aaron Berg