NEWSFLASH! BURNERS TAKE OAKLAND (for at least 4 days)!

Reports from Oakland indicate that Regional Contacts, Board Members and Community Leaders were holed up in the Oakland Marriott for the 7th Annual Burning Man Global Leadership Conference (GLC). Despite the formal, Default-World setting of the Marriott’s Grand Ballroom, these dusty participants from 12 countries around the globe networked, shared ideas/war stories, and got to explore the connection between the Burning Man Project and Regional Events.

“This is a self-service cult. You wash your own brain!” remarked Larry Harvey, Burning Man Founder, during his keynote address. Members of the Utah delegation included: Utah Regional Contact Bobby Gittens; E11 Board of Directors Members Chris Cline, Micky Baker, Wendy Christensen, Jeff Reese and Kameron Hammond; and community leader Brandon Peterson. These intrepid leaders spent the weekend attending break out sessions on topics such as public relations, social media, International Burns, local art, fundraising, conflict resolution, and how to efficiently teach the 10 Principles.

Participants have reported that “I feel like I just came back from a Burn!” We came to realize that the only limiting factor on what we can do as a community is the amount of communication and collaboration that happens within our community.

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