Less than 30 Days until Element 11!

Wow! Its hard to believe that in just a few weeks we’ll be out at Seabase together, setting up our camps, dancing under the stars, appreciating all the things & those people who make up our great community. This year’s festival is really going to be off the hook! There are 20 registered theme & sound camps and over 18 funded art projects – Awesome! The creativity of our community is so inspiring. There is still so much to be done in the frantic scramble these last few weeks before the gates open. Art projects & effigies to finish, our festival city to be built, organizing, packing, beer drinking… whew! Its a whirlwind & we need your help to make it all happen! Read below to find out just how you can help.

In this Issue:

  • Let Our Community Be the Wind that Carries Us!
  • Tickets are going FAST!
  • E11 Volunteer Signup has Begun!
  • Help the Rangers!
  • Planning to Attend E11 this Year?
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