Wow! E11 is NEXT Week!

Time is flying by & believe it or not, its the final days just before Element 11! Such a hectic, fun, frantic time to finish up projects and get everything packed & ready (don’t forget your sunscreen – its going to be HOT out there!). We have lots of good stuff in this issue for you to help with your final preparations & to help get you EVEN MORE EXCITED than you already are! We can’t wait to see you all next week on our salty playa!

In this Issue:

  • Tickets! Did you get yours yet?
  • When are you arriving at E11?
  • A little way to say “Thank You” to E11 Volunteers!
  • Camping at E11
  • 2013 WWW GUIDE!
  • Volunteer at E11!
  • Bringing your Mutant Vehicle to E11?
  • From the Green Tent
  • MOOP Patrol!
  • E11 on Park City TV!

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