That was A-MAZ-ING!

Thank you all for making Element 11 the best its ever been!

The effigies & art installations, the music & theme camps, the art cars, the performances, the BURNS, the marvelous people! All was such a delight! Each facet of the festival was possible because of people just like you. Together, we as a community pulled together an incredible event. The theme of ‘Labyrinth – Find Yourself by Getting Lost’ provided the foundation for such fabulous creativity! It truly was an enchanted playground out there.

We’re very excited to bring you this issue! Its a compilation from E11 participants who have shared their story in their own way – a little quote, some prose, DJ sets, words of gratitude, stories, photos and videos – its all here! Grab your favorite beverage & settle in to relive the shared experiences & MAGIC that was Element 11 2013, Regional Burn & Arts Festival!


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