Full-Speed Ahead!

Where does time go?! It’s hard to believe it’s already been over four months since Element 11! Apparently, time flies when you’re having fun! For the Element 11 BOD, things barely slowed down and now are beginning to ramp up again as we start with 2016 planning. We’ve got the dates figured out (even added an extra day!), the theme decided, new board members elected, art grants open and it’s just the 1st of December! Wow!

Although, before we get too carried away with  2016 plans, let’s take a few minutes to go back… Back to the magic that was Element 11 2015 Under the Stars. We’re super stoked to share our festival video, produced by Stockton LaSalle. Click here, sit back, and return to those warm summer nights at Stargazer Ranch…

Pretty amazing, isn’t it, what we as a community can create together! From art projects to friendships to theme camps and art cars. The inspiration is contagious! We’re excited to see all your ideas that get submitted for the 2016 art grants. We have new art grant policies this year – be sure to check them out in advance of submitting your grant request to make sure you are prepared for the new processes.

All necessary details and links are below.

So, as you’re pondering your 2016 Art Grant request – stay warm, enjoy this beautiful sunshine, & set intentions for lots of the “greatest snow on earth”!

Kari Larson & the Element 11 BOD

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