Springtime and the livin is busy…

We can feel the energy building here in Utah – there is so much to do in just a few months! Art projects are under way, Element 11 registrations are open for both art cars and theme/sound camps, and our Jackalope Rodeo Theme Art contest ends tomorrow! Also, there are a few fun events coming up you’ll not want to miss – the Spring Burn & Burner Day in the Park/Q2 Town Hall/Volunteer Day. Looking forward to seeing everyone out and about and hearing about all the projects underway.

In this issue, we are excited to introduce a new logo for Element 11 which you’ll see at the top of the newsletter, along with a new masthead for the Salt Shaker. The new logo is based on two ideas: Community and Construction. Everything connects: people, ideas, objects… and these connections are the basis for our community. The converging lines in the logo represent these connections. In addition to the community, the logo is meant to represent building and structure. Imagine the wooden components that make up the construction of an effigy or a temple. Out of nothing, we as a community construct something. These two ideas: Community and construction… are fundamental to the Element 11 organization and event. We feel this new logo represents both of these ideas.

As we look ahead to the busy times these next few months before Element 11, we are so appreciative of you – our amazing Utah community. Our annual event would not be possible without all of you. We look forward to seeing you and all of your incredible creativity at this year’s Element 11 event and thank you for everything that you do.

The Element 11 Board of Directors

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