Volunteer Recognition Awards


Each year, the Element 11 board of directors awards discounted tickets to those who have gone above and beyond the volunteering call of duty. This year, we are very excited to present to you an evolution on our discount ticket awards.

We want to specifically recognize all those volunteers who went above and beyond the volunteering call of duty in 2014 by awarding them Elemental Star and Twinkler awards. These volunteers receive a discount coupon applicable towards an E11 ticket.

Further, we’re excited to introduce Art and Theme/Sound Camp discount awards! These discounts are awarded to art projects and theme camps at the discretion of the arts and camps committees.

And now for the really big news! It is our goal with the volunteer discount programs to provide an appropriate expression of our appreciation for those who put in all the blood, sweat and tears that make our event possible. So, we’re changing the volunteer appreciation discount ticket award structure. Volunteers who put in hours at the We Built This City weekends, Element 11 itself, and the cleanup weekend(s) after the event, will be eligible to receive the following discounted tickets next year:

Twinkler Award

Volunteers work between 10 and 19 hours to be eligible to receive one $25 discount

Elemental Star Award

Volunteers work between 20 and 34 hours to be eligible to receive one  half-price ticket

Supernova Award

Volunteers work 35 or more hours to be eligible to receive one gift ticket – that’s right, FREE!!!

Thank you to ALL our volunteers, no matter how you participate. None of this would be possible without you.

Tickets will be available starting Saturday, May 16, 2015, at Burners in the Park. They will also be available online and at IconoCLAD, beginning Sunday, May 17, 2015. Ticket Discount Awards are ONLY redeemable in person.

Recipients Awarded for Element 11 2014

Below is the list of this year’s recipients. If you name is on the list and you did not receive an email notification, please contact Lushus at wanderingcherie@gmail.com.

2014 Elemental Stars

Colleen Witt
Georgina Milne
Topher Danater
Camron Park
Olga Nikishin
Anna Sierra
Little Horse
Nick Groce
Jeffrey Allen Reese
Phil Oleson
John Ward
Chris Cline
Forrest Millheim
Justin Hogue
Julie Turner
Lisa Brady
Mary Severson
Brandon Peterson
Collin Turner
Tyler Gittens
Kyle Severson
Walter Brady
Barbarella Roller
William Hampton
Rachel Gillmore Hamilton
Erika Hummel
Daniel Hamilton
Lindsey Hoffman
Carrie Ransom
Scott Danskeran
Jessie Russell
Trieste Palmer
Scott Vest
Carmel Ferreira
Crystal Bull
Chris Springer
Launce Gouw
Moshe Kramer
Monica Spiva
Gillian Rawcliffe
Jack Stewart
Jennica Sheets
Jeremy Pearson
Tyler Smith
Hayley Baker
Stan Clawson
Allen Hovey
Michelle Davis
Sean Sadler
Wynn John
Stephanie Evans
Janis Mayfield
John Mendenhall
Leigh Sampson-Seitz
Cassie Plant
David Born
Derek Dyer
Cathi Kennedy
Jonny George Jemming
Jp Bernier
Joe Russo
Kari Larson
Anne Simmons Russo
J. Wilford Neville
Steven Comeau
Micky Baker

2014 Twinklers

Craig MacNeil
Theresa MacNeil
Eric Paprocki
Jeff Jayne
Kate Johnson
Brandon Donivan
Tiffany Layton
Lance Thompson
Shannon Moran
Tiffany Thompson
Stephen Rogoff
Rusty Kirkpatrick
Breeze Hannaford
David Benedict
Andrew Latta
Jacob Seitz-Sampson
Krista Niederjohn
Leslie Seehusen
Steven Wood
Suzanne Oleson
Eileen Grace