Working on a project? Bring it to Element 11!

Every spring, a committee of involved artists and community leaders get together to peruse all the grant requests and to make some tough decisions about how to allocate our grant funds. We encourage everyone to consider contributing to Element 11 through their creativity and artistic vision. We would love to fund as much of this creative energy as possible. To make these decisions, we need artists to apply for an Art Grant in advance. Applications are closed for the current year, but here is some information to keep in mind for applying next year:

  • Element 11 funds dozens of projects every year. In 2019, we awarded about $40,000 to participating projects, including art installations, performances, live music, theme camp interactivity, mutant vehicles, and burnable art.
  • Element 11 will fund up to 60% of accepted projects, artists and teams are expected to cover their remaining needs through fundraising or resources of their own. Please describe your fundraising strategy in your proposal.
  • Describe your project. We’ll need to have a good idea of what your vision entails and how you intend to spend the money. Tell us about your size requirements, if it includes fire effects or sound, if you need open-playa placement, etc.
  • Introduce us to yourself and your team. Include the skills and experience your team has, and how those will aid the successful completion of your project.
  • Proposals may be submitted in any format, however we recommend PDF or PowerPoint. Be creative, but stay succinct.