Where to pitch your tent.

Element 11 is not a festival, it’s an event and a city in the desert. At most festivals you’ll find friends camping together in their cars and tents in what looks like a giant parking lot behind where the main festival activities take place. It’s very different at Element 11!

Camps are the heart of community! The majority of people who go to Element 11 are part of planned, registered camps. Open Camping and Walk-In Camping also exists for any individual or group to find a spot for themselves without pre-registering. The main event is everywhere; it’s where people like you contribute interactive, creative, incredible experiences to share with everyone. Camps are organized groups of people doing just that.

We ask for your assistance and flexibility in helping us achieve these goals for the layout of our community:

  • The creation of an Esplanade lined with theme camps and art that surrounds the effigies.
  • The creation of a functional and active Center Camp that is centrally located in the Event.
  • The creation of a sound camp street that will be located such that sound participation does not interfere with other forms of participation.

There is an application process for theme/sound camps, and they are now open! Please start planning for your camp now. Operating a camp is a big decision that requires hard work and a crew to help. Please make sure that you have the time, energy and resources to operate your camp. By applying as a theme camp you are agreeing to all Element 11 policies including the Theme and Sound Camp Policy.

We’re looking forward to quite an assortment of camps for 2022. Plan to stop by one, two, or all of the sound and theme camps to say “Hi”, see what they have to offer, and make new friends!

Theme Camp Submissions for Element 11 2024 – Oasis of Dreams are now closed.