Element 11 Culture

We began as one of the very first official Burning Man Regional Events in the world. Since then we have evolved into a dynamic, year-round, active community whose mission is to ignite a sustainable culture of creativity and self-expression!

Our Board of Directors and community leaders are committed to continue to support the evolution of the Utah Burning Man community of artists. We see art in all forms, in all ways, in all people and in life itself. We provide a canvas for our community to come together. To play, dance, evolve, create & ignite!

Our community’s core culture is built on the values reflected in The 10 Principles established by the Burning Man Organization. Today, Burning Man has become more than an annual event, it has become a worldwide culture. The culture is defined as a way of life lived consistent with The 10 Principles. These principles have arisen because of the commitment the Burning Man Organization has for the sustainability of their annual Event. The 10 Principles inspire and guide people all over the world to live in a way that creates sustainability in their lives, families, communities and the world.

Element 11 is a unique community. Together we create a vibrant, important and strong subculture within Utah, a very conservative state. We consider ourselves a tight-knit community and family. We are bound together by love for one another, our community, and our mission. We invite you to participate with us in any way that inspires you. We also encourage you to explore and incorporate The 10 Principles in your life, your communities and your world.