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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Element 11?

Element 11 is a 5 day, 4 night Arts event that ignites a culture of creativity and self-expression, and incorporates principles such as self-reliance and civic responsibility. This is not a party or concert, but a radical celebration of shared values, art, and effort for the good of all.

Element 11 is not your usual gathering. In fact, it’s more of a temporary city. Our city is home to 1,800 participants who camp by themselves, or in camps centered on a particular theme. Our city is marked by the prevalence of art of all kinds. Examples of art you may find in your travels include static art installations, movable art (art cars), performances, workshops, and service projects. Live music and performance art abound as well, especially as the sun sets and the fun gets started; DJ’s, musicians, and dancing keep us on our toes into the night.

Who goes to Element 11?

The most amazing people in the solar system, that’s who! Element 11 is open to anyone with a ticket who agrees to follow certain rules. Tickets to the event are sold online in the months leading up to the event. Income from ticket purchases funds portions of art found at the event and the operation of the event itself. Examples of how money from ticket sales are used include Art Grants, legal matters such as permits and insurance, infrastructure support such as medical services, portable toilets, and road signs.

What is MOOP?

MOOP (Matter Out of Place) is anything that was not on the ground when you arrived. This includes trash, recyclables, and other things that don’t naturally occur in the environment. This is a leave no trace event. You are responsible for hauling out 100% of your own trash and recyclable materials!

How can I get updated information about things happening at the event?

There are several ways to get updated event info or news on cool stuff going on. The Info Booth Hug Deli at Center Camp is a perfect place to check, especially for lost and found, missing persons, and info on current events at Center Camp and in the Theme camps. And, of course, you can refer to your handy dandy What Where When Guide as well! The WWW guide will be released digitally prior to the event and a physical copy will be available for all participants at the gate.

Where can I go to get a shower?

Showers are available at the trash fence immediately following the Daft Punk concert. In other words: there are no showers provided.

Where are the porta potties?

Portable Toilets will be placed throughout the city; refer to the event map for locations. Expect them to be serviced daily.


Typically there is one Effigy Burn on Friday evening and another Temple Burn on Saturday evening.  However, depending on special entries of of burnable art, additional burns may be scheduled and this may adjust other burn projects accordingly.  Consult the What/Where/When guide for exact times.

Can I be naked?

Nudity as a form of individual artistic expression is allowed throughout the even., Lewd behavior is not. Remember, kids will be around so conduct yourself accordingly and respect those around you.

Where are all the EVENTS going to be?

Check out the What/Where/When guide provided to you at the gate for details on Theme Camps and events in each camp and playa. There’s a whole city out there to explore! The WWW guide will also be released online prior to the event.

Will the cops be there?

Law Enforcement may be in attendance. Exercise civic responsibility, be a good human and you won’t have any problems. E11, as always, does not condone illegal drugs or illegal activity and will cooperate with law enforcement as necessary in the event that you don’t adhere to the law.

Gate and Entry?

Gate volunteers will meet all vehicles entering E11. Please have your IDs, vehicle passes, and tickets/ ticket confirmation letters ready as you arrive at the gate. This will help speed you through the process.

When does Element 11 start?

Element 11 starts at NOON on Wednesday June 22, 2022

When does Element 11 end?

Element 11 ends at NOON on Sunday, June 26, 2022. You need to have your camp packed, MOOP removed, and be ready to depart by that time.

Can I come early?

Only people collaborating on registered theme camps, art projects, and/or involved with critical infrastructure will be granted early entry. Individuals or groups seeking early entry must fill out the “early entry form” and may be issued a special wristband or ID. Early The Entry form will be released to the public prior to the event.

Is there Re-entry?

In order to keep traffic at a minimum, both at the gate and on the highways, exit and reentry is highly discouraged at Element 11. Besides the LONG travel time, there is a re-entry fee of $10 per vehicle; participants must adhere to standard gate hours.

No entry (including re-entry) will be permitted after 6 pm on Saturday. Late night arrivals after-hours entry will be managed by our security team and will be completely at their discretion.

Who to call in an emergency?

Element 11 has several groups of amazing volunteers who help keep us safe. Rangers are volunteers from the community who serve as non-confrontational mediators, problem solvers, information bearers, and all-around helpful sorts. Rangers can be seen throughout the event meeting people, working out problems, and enjoying the art. Rangers work burn perimeters, check the roads for lost people or stranded vehicles, and so much more.

Element 11’s medical staff is made up of medical professionals who volunteer their time and skills at our event. They are ready to respond when medical attention is needed— either for minor cuts and scrapes or emergency prehospital care for traumatic injuries.

Help from Rangers and/or Medical services is available 24 hours a day at Headquarters (the Red Cross flag) and Ranger outposts.

What should I bring?

Participants should have everything needed to survive in a high desert environment for 96 hours (or more).

What should I leave at home?
  • Firearms and weapons
  • Pets
  • Illegal drugs/paraphernalia
  • Fireworks or explosives
  • People with no ticket (Stowaways)
  • Unregistered art cars
  • Large amounts of flammable liquids
  • More booze than food or water
  • A lack of respect for consent
  • Vehicles/art cars leaking fluids or dropping parts
  • Feathers/costume pieces that can easily become MOOP

Stargazer Ranch – Location Details

How big is it?

Stargazer Ranch is approximately 170 acres in size. Element 11 will take up a little more than half that area.

What’s the terrain like?

Stargazer is in a high elevation desert. It is an open grassland in the bottom of a large natural bowl formed by surrounding hills. Dominant features include a hill to the West, a dry reservoir to the east, scrub brush and wild grasses, as well as some Juniper trees in the outlying areas. Two county roads and two dry creek beds run through the area.

Will the terrain support my RV, Bus, or large art car?

Larger vehicles will do just fine at Stargazer. VERY heavily loaded vehicles, semi-tractor/trailer combos, and some class 1 RVs may have some problems. We recommend you consult with EPW and/or the property owner if you wish to bring out one of those vehicles. Please email us at info@element11.org for more information.

Are there RV Hookups?

No. Please plan ahead so that you have all the power (from your generator) and water (from your RV’s tank) that you desire.

Are there showers or swimming?

No. Count on showering with your own RV shower, solar shower, using baby wipes, or other field shower methods.

What is tent camping at Stargazer Ranch like?

A flattened, camping area has been constructed; refer to the event map in the What/Where/When guide for placement.

Is Stargazer windy?

It can be! Prepare for high winds and blowing dust like in Black Rock City. Use GOOD tent stakes, guy lines, and anchors.

Will my phone work there?

Maybe. Cell service is spotty in the area. Practice immediacy and be here now.

Where do I dump my trash?

You are responsible for hauling out all of your own trash and recyclable materials. Best practices include hauling trash back home.

Where can I empty my RV’s gray/black water tank(s)?

Flying J and Lottie Dell Campground (both in Snowville) are the nearest places that have an RV dump facility.

Is there ADA Access?

ADA Porta Potties are available at this event and are reserved for individuals with disabilities. The What/Where/When guide will include maps and information on where to locate ADA Porta Potties. The Info Booth Hug Deli at Center Camp can give you more information about the ADA Porta Potties.


Kids are once again welcomed home with a ticket of their own. The experiences your kiddos will earn in creative freedom and individual expression will last a lifetime. To assure the safety and well-being of all little ones, we have strict parent guidelines. Make sure your child is with you or another specified adult at all times and has the means to be self-reliant. Water, ChapStick and sunscreen are things that should be readily available.

What’s a Mutant Vehicle?

A Mutant Vehicle, or art car, is a vehicle that has been radically, stunningly, and safely modified. Mutant Vehicles must be registered, inspected, and approved BEFORE operating.

Drones/Planes/Floating cities/BLIMPS?

Pilots of all types (remote control, light craft, or autonomous/semi-autonomous aerial devices) must abide! In case of a medical emergency, our volunteers need to be able to clear our airspace for an emergency helicopter. It’s crucial that they be able to communicate with you.  Check in with the Rangers or with Medical before you take to the air. If you’re piloting a camera platform--don’t be a creeper! The same standards of consent and consideration apply to flying cameras as to any others. There will be a “captain’s deck” for RC Pilots located behind Center Camp. Check in with Info Booth, EMV or ask at the gate upon entry.

Can I bring lasers to E11?

Because of recent serious, lifelong injuries to volunteers, Element 11 is very concerned about the use of laser devices. The intent of this policy is not to interfere with artistic expression, but to keep participants safe from potential harm and/or lifelong disability. To protect everyone at E11, please adhere to our Laser Policy.

Fire Safety Information

Uncontrolled fire that threatens camps or the event itself is a VERY real and present danger at Stargazer. The nearest fire station is 1.5 hours away. In order to protect life and property at E11, please adhere to our Fire Performance & Burnable Art Policy.

Fire Arts Guidelines

Fire arts can be one of the most strikingly beautiful arts you’ll see at Element 11. They also come with increased responsibility. In order to preserve our ability to exhibit and enjoy this artistry, Element 11 asks that performers and participants adhere to the Fire Performance & Burnable Art Policy.


Call 385-226-5597, find a ranger, or send a runner to Headquarters or a ranger outpost.

Be ready to use your shovel, water pail, or anything.

Assist Rangers or other volunteers in firefighting.

Listen to any instructions from first responders or announcements made via bullhorn.

Where to go for help:
  • Stop a Ranger: Wave one over
  • Go for a walk: Head to Medical (Headquarters) or a Ranger Outpost.
  • Call someone: Dial (385) 226-5597. If calling, let us know what’s going on and if it’s an emergency or routine please.
  • Be Honest!: In order to help you as much as possible, we need to know exactly what’s going on in a situation—especially if you ingested something. We won’t be telling your story to anyone who does not have a NEED to know. IT COULD SAVE A LIFE.
When do I call for help?

Sometimes the need to call for help is obvious—An out-of-control fire, a disagreement with another camp or participant, an emergency like trouble breathing or a broken arm. All of those things are easy to spot and getting help for those kinds of problems is something most people understand how to do. Sometimes, though, a person’s need for help is not obvious. It’s not always easy to know when or even who to call to get ourselves or someone else help that may be sorely needed. Mental or emotional wounds or illnesses are not as easily noticed as their physical counterparts are. If you or someone around you is experiencing any of these thoughts or behaviors, please call someone from Rangers or Medical immediately.

  • Talking to people / reacting to situations not present
  • Thoughts of or serious statements about self-harm
  • Unexplained erratic, confused, or disoriented behavior
  • Significant substance use and/or alcohol intake
  • Irrational, aggressive, possibly violent behavior
  • Statements about having a plan for self-harm
  • Obvious aggressive or violent behavior

Rangers and medical volunteers with special training are available 24/7 to talk with anyone in need of crisis services. A private sanctuary space is available if needed. Even if you are not 100% sure something is wrong, PLEASE tell someone—you could make the difference and prevent a tragedy that could affect someone—or all of us. Thank you.

Rangers and medical staff volunteers with special training are available 24/7 to talk with anyone in need of crisis services. A private sanctuary space is available and anything you tell us is 100% confidential! Even if you are not 100% sure something is wrong, PLEASE tell someone—you could make the difference and prevent a tragedy that could affect someone—or all of us. Thank you.

If you need assistance, get lost, or have vehicle trouble, you can call Rangers at (385) 226-5597 for EMERGENCIES ONLY, please.