A place for solace…

Sanctuary is a department under Safety and partners with Rangers and Medical. Sanctuary’s mission is harm reduction. We are a peer to peer support group, ready to help people who are having a hard time at the event. We are here to actively engage with participants who need someone to talk to or need assistance with emotional trauma they may be facing. Whether someone has issues stemming from relationship problems, anxiety, disorientation, substance abuse, etc., Sanctuary intends to offer a safe haven for addressing those concerns constructively and compassionately.

One priority is to provide a physical space that is safe, calm, comfortable, and climate controlled to reduce overstimulation during times of distress. The sanctuary team consists of individuals who often have some level of experience supporting those walking through an emotional issue, but are not necessarily part of the Ranger Green Dot’s or Medical team of volunteers.

Sanctuary is more like emotional triage than actual counseling. Through this connection with the Sanctuary space and team, it is intended to help participants deal with immediate situations they may be confronting during the event, with the goal to help them get through the event successfully, or to make a deliberate choice if they decide to pack up and go home early.

Any individual working a Sanctuary shift will be sober and willing to make time at the event to support others however needed. This will provide the individual with someone who is fully present with them and not easily distracted by the festivities, allowing someone to feel heard and valued and hopefully removing the feeling of being a “burden” on their friends if they ask for help walking through these emotions during the event. 

If you have experience working in mental health, mindfulness practice, crisis intervention, or if you feel you are particularly skilled at supporting your peers through the challenges that can arise at the event and you would like to give back, this is your opportunity.

Each volunteer is required to attend some training that counts towards Volunteer Hours


  • Must attend training (counts towards Volunteer Hours)
  • Sober on shift
  • Willingness to keep confidence of those you help
  • Ability to provide support in the way the individual needs (if they just need to be in the room alone that is ok, if they want to chat that is ok)
  • Comfort in helping those going through a difficult time
  • Responsible enough to show up on time and stay the full shift.