Ranger? What’s a Ranger?

It’s Thursday afternoon and you’ve just arrived at the event. You’re unloading your vehicle and working on getting your tent set up. You see two figures meandering through the area and coming your way, talking and laughing. You notice they’re wearing khaki shirts and hats that say “Element 11 Rangers” on them. You’ve never seen the “uniform” before and wonder if they’re event security. As they approach they say hello and stop to talk to you for a few minutes and answer any questions you may have. After a few minutes you hear their radios crackle to life, they tell you to enjoy the event and head off into the sunset.

These khaki clad folks are Rangers.

Later in the evening, while enjoying a cold libation, you explore the event and all the art to be seen when you spot another pair of these “Rangers” walking through the city talking to other participants. You might be a little shocked to hear people calling out “Hey F&^* your day Ranger!”. You can’t help but wonder who these people are and why everyone seems to know them. You ask if they know where a particular theme camp is and one of them pulls out a little pamphlet they call a “What, Where, When” guide. They give you the guide, some directions, and tell you to have a great evening before heading into the dark; just a pair of bobbing lights as they disappear down the road.

Who are the Element 11 Rangers?
What kinds of things do Rangers encounter?
Why should I become a Ranger?
What kind of commitment does it take to become a Ranger?
Where did the Rangers come from?