Why should I become a Ranger?

Volunteering is a major part of our community and being a Ranger is a great opportunity to give back. If you are the peacemaker in your camp, if people always talk to you about their troubles, or if you have a desire to make things better, then Rangering will come naturally to you.

You get to see and experience many amazing things as a Ranger. You meet all kinds of people at the event that you may not have otherwise ever encountered. You build your own “social capital” with the community, and are enhancing the reputation of the Element 11 Rangers within our community.

You will receive hugs from people that go around just wanting to genuinely thank Rangers for being out there.

Our social capital is a “trust” that we get from the community If something is going on and people need help, we’ll be there and we’ll act with integrity. We strive to be fair and honest in our dealings with community members. That social capital earns us a lot of love.

You’ll be trained at ROM (Ranger Orientation Meeting), our annual training. As a Ranger you may be working on the front row  to the art burns, helping to keep everyone safe. You’ll get to help your fellow participants as you walk your shift by stopping into camps and just saying “hi” and answering questions, or helping someone when they need an extra hand.

Out of all we do, the love and respect we get from our community is the greatest reason of all to don the Khaki “costu-form” and become an Element 11 Ranger.

Who are the Element 11 Rangers?
What kinds of things do Rangers encounter?
What kind of commitment does it take to become a Ranger?
Where did the Rangers come from?